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Movies Like The Platform

The Platform was quite an interesting movie, to say the least. It’s an incredible sci-fi thriller that’s bound to keep you up at night. This movie has a little bit of everything but primarily revolves around human behavior, ethics, group psychosis, and society as a whole. Not to mention, it’s one of the more violent movies to come out recently with some incredibly graphic scenes that you will remember for some time.

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The darkness of the plot and just overall grittiness is what makes it and movies like The Platform so entertaining and captivating to the viewers. Because of this, we have gathered what we believe are the best and most similar movies to The Platform that we could find. So go grab your movie watching snacks and keep on scrolling to see what amazing films we have in store for you today!

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1. The Hunt

Kicking off our list of movies like The Platform, we have one you will hope never actually happens. Imagine being hunted by people for sport! That is just terrifying to think about in itself!

The Hunt Movie Description

With no clue how they got there, 12 strangers wake up in the middle of an open field. Now part of a sinister internet conspiracy, these 12 strangers are going to need to fight for their lives. The rich and elite gather together at a remote location to hunt humans for sport. However, for the first time, their plans are torn apart by one of their victims named Crystal (Betty Gilpin), who is about to reverse the roles of her pursuers.

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2. Parasite

The message behind The Platform is meant to resemble greed and the difference between social standings. That’s what Parasite manages to give you like no other movie, hence all the awards it won!

Parasite Movie Description

The new relationship between the wealthy and elite Park family and the poverty-stricken Kim clan is put to the test. Greed, power, and class discrimination may destroy the already fragile relationship.

3. Ready Or Not

Imagine getting married and then having to fight for your life against your new in-laws! In short, that would suck, but it makes for an entertaining movie!

Ready Or Not Movie Description

Just having married the love of her life at his family’s stunning estate, Grace (Samara Weaving) could not be any happier with where she is in life right now. However, things are about to take a dark turn. She must now hide from midnight until dawn as her now in-laws try to hunt her down with any weapon at their disposal. As Grace struggles to survive she tries to concoct a plan that will let her turn the tables and even the playing ground on her new relatives.

4. Snowpiercer

If the world ends and the remaining people live on a train, make sure to treat everyone relatively well or you’ll have to live through this. If you haven’t seen this one you should give it a watch for sure!

Snowpiercer Movie Description

After the second ice age, the few survivors left, live their life aboard a train that plows endlessly through the snow and ice. There is a great divide in the train between the rich and the poor. The poor live in the far back of the train in unhealthy conditions. Tired of how they are treated, they come up with a plan to make life better for themselves. To do so they must fight their way to the engine room and they’ll stop at nothing until their living conditions improve.

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5. Cube

What would you do if you ended up waking up in a prison with no recollection of how you got there!? We’d go back to sleep and hope it’s a bad dream! If you haven’t seen this we highly recommend you give it a try!

Cube Movie Description

Quentin (Maurice Dean Wint), a cop, scientist Holloway (Nicky Guadagni), math genius Leaven (Nicole de Boer), master of escapes Rennes (Wayne Robson), autistic savant Kazan (Andrew Miller) and architect Worth (David Hewlett) are all strangers who wake up in a prison of cubic cells. None of them has any recollection of how they got here. Some of these cells have booby traps and escape seems impossible. They begin to suspect that Worth knows more about the prison than he lets on. One thing is for sure though, they must all find a way to work together if they want to escape alive.

6. High Rise

Here we have another case of people on different levels breaking off in multiple factions depending on where they live. If you want some great drama and some heart-pounding thrills, this is the one for you.

High Rise Movie Description

Residents living in a tower block quickly begin to find themselves and their lives spiraling out of control. Due to residents on different levels of the tower splitting into multiple factions, chaos begins to brew. Laing (Tom Hiddleston), a man who lives in the tower finds himself trapped in the middle of the ever-rising amount of violence in the tower.

7. District 9

To end our list of movies like The Platform we have one that shows the disparities between aliens and humans. Instead of using humans vs humans as an example, this movie uses the thought of how humans would react if aliens landed on Earth looking for help. If you haven’t seen this one we highly recommend giving it a watch!

District 9 Movie Description

Aliens have come to Earth but not by their choice. They don’t want to hurt or help humans but instead, find themselves stranded here looking for safety. They are separated from any humans and reside in a part of South Africa now known as District 9. Multi-National United is the company that manages the aliens but has no intent on helping them. Instead, all they want is to get their hands on the advanced technology the beings have brought with them. However, all hell breaks loose when one of the company’s agents ends up catching a disease that begins to change his DNA. Now there’s only one place he can hide and that’s with the aliens inside District 9.

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