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Movies Like Bird Box

Do you think you could survive if a creature that kills you when you look at it invaded Earth? Going through life with your eyes closed isn’t an easy task at all. You may not even be able to make it to the bathroom with your eyes closed let alone travel down a river and forest! Bird Box made waves around the world when it released. Absolutely everyone was talking about it. And if you liked it you are probably now looking for movies like Bird Box to watch and enjoy.

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Well, if that’s the case then there are more than enough movies for you to spend hours upon hours watching. All of these will give you that some eerie thrill that Bird Box managed to deliver to your screen. Just keep on scrolling and enjoy this list of movies like Bird Box we have compiled for you.

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1. A Quiet Place

Kicking off our list of movies like Bird Box, we have a John Krasinski and Emily Blunt masterpiece! Would you have what it takes to survive in a world where you can’t make a single sound? The movie does an amazing job of making you paranoid with minimal use of actual talking and really just relying on the sound of the world around the character.

A Quiet Place Movie Description

Forced to live in silence, a family who survived the initial alien attack must go through life without making a sound or they will face a quick gruesome death. Though these creatures are blind, their hearing can catch even the faintest whisper from miles away.

Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and Lee (John Krasinski) must protect their kids in this silent world as they try and find a way to fight these seemingly invincible beings. Surviving won’t be their only issue. Evelyn is now pregnant and they must find a way for her to give birth in silence while also keeping the newborn baby from making a sound. Only one thing is certain in this world. If you make a sound you die.

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2. Hush

This has to be at the top of the list of worst fears if you are deaf. Imagine not being able to hear and having someone break into your house to try and kill you! The thought of that is terrifying and it makes for one hell of a heart-pounding movie!

Hush Movie Description

A masked killer has decided to come after a writer (Kate Siegel) who lives life alone in the woods. However, this woman also happens to be deaf. With no idea about what she’s about to go through, she must rely on all her other senses to survive this masked killer.

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3. It Comes At Night

Simply put, this movie just gives you the heebie-jeebies! If you want to lose some sleep because you can’t get this film out of your mind, then go ahead and give it a watch, it’s definitely worth it!

It Comes At Night Movie Description

Nearly all life on earth has come to an end due to some apocalyptic event of an unknown origin. Two families must share a home and fight for survival from all the evils outside their doors. However, things become hectic as the two families hold very little trust in each other, This may end up being more dangerous than what lies outside.

4. Don’t Breathe

The amount of messed up this movie is just boggles our mind and really has you think about just how evil people can become. The twists and turns in this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat. Just be prepared to scratch your head asking what in the F*CK you just watched.

Don’t Breathe Movie Description

Three young thieves named Rocky (Jane Levy), Alex (Dylan Minnette) and Money (Daniel Zovatto) love getting their high from breaking into houses and stealing from people. Though they have had luck pulling off these robberies in the past, this next one they have chosen may just be their last. They decide to rob an old blind veteran (Stephen Lang) as they believe it should be an easy job.

When the day comes and they break into the old man’s house, things take a turn for the worse. They quickly find themselves trapped inside the house with the blind man. They must all now fight for their lives as this blind man isn’t so helpless after all and has some dark secrets himself.

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5. It Follows

This movie will make you rethink having sex after you finish watching it! Imagine having a killer curse on you due to sex. It sounds absolutely horrible but it makes for one hell of a thrilling movie.

It Follows Movie Description

Jay (Maika Monroe) has decided to sleep with her new boyfriend Hugh (Jake Weary) for the first time. Little does she know the life-threatening decision she has just made. After intercourse, she finds out that she has been passed a curse which transfers to victims through sexual intercourse. While she holds this curse she must run from Death which takes the form of a stranger or friends while closing the distance with its target. At first, Jay’s friends didn’t believe her but when they also notice the strange killer coming for her they all team up in hopes that they can defeat this wretched curse.

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6. The Mist

And this is why you don’t go outside when it’s super foggy! Your worst fears could be within that fog! Well… at least in this movie, it’s how it works. If you haven’t seen this one we definitely recommend you give it a try.

The Mist Movie Description

David Drayton (Thomas Jane) and his son decide to head out of the house to gather supplies after an unforgiving storm damages it. Not long after they head out a thick fog consumes the entire town. Due to the fog, David, his son, and everyone else in the grocery store are now trapped inside. This fog is like no other, terrifying and deadly creatures begin to emerge from it causing chaos and panic. The outside may not pose the most danger, though. Someone inside poses an even greater threat as they call for a sacrifice.

7. I Am Mother

For the final film on our list of movies like Bird Box, we have a newer Netflix film that didn’t come out too long ago. How would you feel if you believed you were the last human on earth being raised by a robot? Well, things would definitely get complicated we can tell you that much!

I Am Mother Movie Description

A robot designed to repopulate the Earth after a mass extinction has raised a girl (Clara Rugaard) into her teenage years. Living a strict lifestyle the teenager’s relationship and trust with Mother begins to unravel when a strange woman (Hilary Swank) appears at their door. The girl begins to question everything when the stranger reveals what she knows of the outside world.

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