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Best Chris Evans Movies

The man, the myth, the legend who also carries America’s ass, Chris Evans! That last part is an Endgame reference for those of you who didn’t catch it! Evans is mostly known for his role as the first Avenger, Captain America. We believe that everybody loves this guy, there isnt much that you can dislike about him, especially when he gives us such great movies to watch!

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That brings us to the reason why you have come to this page! You must be searching for the best Chris Evans movies you can go and watch now! Well, we have gone and gather what we believe are his best films that will not fail at capturing your full attention. All the movies on this list are quite amazing and enjoyable. You may notice that we didn’t add any of the Avengers movies. That simply becasue they don’t revolve completely around Chris Evans but they are still some of the best movies out there! Now that that is out of the way, just keep on reading to find out exactly what we have in store for you.

1. Captain America

For the first film on this Chris Evans movies list, we have one of the films he is most well-known for. This particular movie pick includes all three of the Captain America movies we just chose to write about the first one! Defenitely go and give these a watch.

Captain America Movie Description

As war rages on across the globe Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) want a part in the fight. However, his small figure wouldn’t make him effective. But when the military offers Steve a position in an experimental program he quickly accepts. After going through the process with the program succeeding, Steve has turned into the first super soldier and earns the name Captain America. Together with Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), Captain America pre pares to take down the Nazi’s who have the HYDRA organization behind them.

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2. Gifted

What would you do if your niece was a genius? Would you try and give her a normal life or make her put that brain power into something? Watch this movie to find out what Frank does and see if you agree with it!

Gifted Movie Description

Mary Adler (Mckenna Grace) lives with her uncle Frank (Chris Evans) as he tries to provide her with a normal life. However, that becomes increasingly more difficult when Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan), Franks mother comes into there life and begins fighting for custody of Mary. Evelyn wants to use Mary and her genius level skills to make her use her full potential. But on the other hand, Frank just wants Mary to live a normal childhood. With both of them always fighting everything may prove to be too much for Mary.

3. Snowpiercer

This is probably one of Chris’s darker and more violent movies for sure. And he really did do an amazing job at filling such a dark role. We highly recomend you give this one a watch if you want some non-stop action.

Snowpiercer Movie Description

After the second ice age, all the remaining survivors live out their lives on a large train which travels around the globe, named Snowpiercer. Living conditions on the train aren’t ideal though, at least for the poor. Fed up with the treatment they receive, they all prepare to take the train over with Curtis (Chris Evans) as their leader. Each section of the train holds different wealth levels. They plan on reaching the top so they can spread all the wealth throughout.

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4. Puncture

If you are looking to see a disgruntles Chris Evans then here you go! Take a look at what it would be like if he were a cocaine addict. Though this wouldn’t be good in the real world, it makes for quite an awesome movie.

Puncture Movie Description

A lawyer named Mike Weiss (Chris Evans) agrees to take on a case against medical corporations. However, Mike has some dark secrets. Starting with his terrible cocaine addiction which he has no plans of stopping. He must somehow balance everything if he wants some sort of chance of winning this case. But that begins to prove itself exceedingly difficult.

5. Before We Go

This one is for all you ladies who wish you had your own Chris Evans! If you want a Chris Evans romance movie then this will defenitely be the one for you. It is really good and worthy of your time.

Before We Go Movie Description

When a woman misses her train to Boston, she meets a charming musician who attempts to help her find her way home. Throughout the night both of them quickly end up super close to each other learning everything about one another. Eventually, this newfound friendship turns into the beginning of a life long romance.

6. Cellular

If you got a call form someone who had been kidnapped what would you do!? We would go to the cops becasue we arent Chris Evans! But if you wanna see what he does, give this movie a watch, you wont regret it.

Cellular Movie Description

A young college student named Ryan (Chris Evans) has received a disturbing call from a woman claiming that someone has kidnapped her. She also tells him that they are going for her husband and child next. Now, it’s up to Ryan to save this woman but she can’t give him any details on where she is becasue she doesn’t know. Not only that but the phone she is currently using may end up dying soon.

Scene from Snowpiercer for Chris Evans movies.
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