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Best Movies Like Joker

Late 2019 we had the pleasure of having the movie Joker come to our screens. The film is like no other superhero or supervillain movie that has been released. It was raw, gritty, dark and overall an incredible movie. You get to experience the making of one of the most notorious psycho movie villains to exist. Its arguably one of the best movies of the year.

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Joaquin Phoenix gave us a performance that will be remembered for years to come. And because of him you are here searching for more movies like Joker for you to delve into. The good news is that there are some incredible movies out there that share a similar story to Joker. There’s just something so captivating about watching someone’s slow demise and inevitable self-destruction. All these movies will keep you in bed or on the couch for hours at a time. So go and grab your favorite snack and get ready to decide which one of these films you would like to watch next.

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1. Taxi Driver

Starting off our list of movies like Joker we present you a film where you’ll watch an insomniac slowly begin to lose his mind. It seems as though insomnia will play a major role in the process of losing one’s mind in some of these films. Taxi Driver is a Robert De Niro classic that you must watch.

Taxi Driver Movie Description

A loner named Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) decides to take a job as a New York cab driver. Travis suffers from insomnia leaving his mind to become increasingly more disturbing. As he begins to lose his grip on reality, Travis becomes obsessed with cleaning up the horrendous city he lives in. However, his dreams become even more delusional when he meets a gorgeous campaign worker named Betsy (Cybill Shepherd). Now, Travis plans on saving the world, starting off with killing a presidential candidate. After that, he will put his efforts into saving a 12-year-old prostitute named Iris (Jodie Foster).

2. The Dark Knight

When you are searching for movies like Joker this should be in every list you find. Here we get to see what Arther turns into and the absolute horrors he causes. This is one of the roles that Heath Ledger is well known for and you can understand why when you watch his performance.

The Dark Knight Movie Description

Recently, Batman (Christian Bale) has managed to keep crime in Gotham city to a minimum with the help of Lt. Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) and DA Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart). However, that changes when a new criminal named Joker (Heath Ledger), comes into the picture. With Joker bringing the city into chaos, Batman begins to have the line between heroism and vigilantism blurred.

3. One Hour Photo

Here we have a Robin William masterpiece. This film shows you that everything is not always as it seems. People can be on the tipping point and even the slightest things can push them over the edge.

One Hour Photo Movie Description

Sy Parrish (Robin Williams) loves what he does and is a perfectionist with how he does it. He runs a one-hour photo developing lab in a small mall. He is also always generous with his regulars. One of those families is that of Will Yorkin (Michael Vartan). He has seen this family grow together over the years through his photos. However, when he makes a discovery leading him to believe Yorkin is being unfaithful, his life begins to spiral out of control. With the possibility of losing his job and this new information he’s come across, Parrish’s already fragile mental state crumbles.

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4. American Psycho

The shared similarities between Patrick and Joker are ridiculous in this movie. You can’t help but watch this and think that all the disturbing things that are done in this movie, Joker would probably do as well. If you haven’t seen this incredible Christian Bale performance then go ahead and give it a watch!

American Psycho Movie Description

In 1987, young urban professional Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) isn’t what he seems. Once night comes, he lives a second life as a psychotic serial killer. With a detective on his trail, Patrick can’t make a mistake. If he does, his dark secret will end up exposed to everyone around him.

5. The Machinist

Here is another movie that revolves around insomnia. This will make you rethink pulling all-nighters and not getting enough sleep. It shows you just how precious sleep is.

The Machinist Movie Description

 Trevor Reznik (Christian Bale) works at a factory and due to his severe insomnia, he has lost an unhealthy amount of weight and he has also begun to lose his mind. One day, Trevor accidentally causes an accident that severely injures a coworker of his. This leads Trevor to spiral out of control even more than he already was. Even though he has a relationship with Stevie (Jennifer Jason Leigh), Trevor’s paranoia worsens and he begins to blame someone named Ivan (John Sharian) for all his issues.

6. You Were Never Really Here

To wrap up our list of movies like Joker we have another film featuring Joaquin Phoenix. At this point, this man has to be one of our favorite people in Hollywood right now. He makes every movie he’s in so damn entertaining!

You Were Never Really Here Movie Description

When a teenage girl named Nina (Ekaterina Samsonov) goes missing, Joe (Joaquin Phoenix), a brutal enforcer begins a rescue mission. However, throughout the mission, he makes some disturbing discoveries. He finds corruption and an uncanny abuse of power throughout the mission.

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