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Movies Like Escape Room

There’s nothing quite as terrifying as the thought of being trapped in a room rigged with deadly traps that you must try to escape. Part of the reason it’s so scary is that it isn’t impossible for it to happen. Though it would be unlikely, there’s always a chance. That along with the fact that victims must escape their deaths made this film so entertaining and horrifying to watch. There’s also usually someone behind this acting as a spectator. All this makes movies like Escape Room so fun to watch.

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So we have gathered what we believe are the best movies similar to Escape Room that give you that same feeling of hopelessness knowing that someone is bending you to their sadistic will. All the films on this list are intense and some can be incredibly gory and absolutely gut-wrenching to watch, which is exactly what we love and what we expect that you love, seeing as though you are here. So just keep on scrolling to see all the incredible movies we have in store for you today!

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1. The Belko Experiment

Kicking off our list of movies like Escape Room, we have one that’s ridiculously bloody and overall terrifying. If your company ever tries to microchip you, just leave! Because next thing you know, you are stuck in a situation like this with no escape!

The Belko Experiment Movie Description

What began as a normal workday in the office quickly turns into a living nightmare for the 80 employees working in the Belko Corporation building. They have been locked in the building and must now take part in a deadly game. A voice that comes on the intercom instructs them to choose and kill two employees within 30 minutes or they will suffer the consequences. The voice on the intercom continues to give ultimatums leading to a free for all which will all end with only one person standing.

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2. Saw

Only watch this one if you think you can stomach it! It’s definitely one of the grossest/goriest movies you’ll ever see. We can’t imagine what it would be like being stuck in a situation like this, having to fight for our lives by completing deadly puzzles.

Saw Movie Description

Adam Stanheight (Leigh Whannell), a photographer, and Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes), an oncologist, wake up chained to pipes at the end of a disgusting bathroom. The two men come to realize that they are now pawns in the horrifying game orchestrated by a serial killer named Jigsaw. They must compete in Jigsaw’s murderous puzzle if they want any chance of survival. All the while Gordon’s wife and daughter are being forced to watch his torture on video.

3. The Killing Room

This movie is the reason we will never sign up to be test subjects for any kind of trial or experiment. Watch this and you’ll be thinking the same way.

The Killing Room Movie Description

Paul (Nick Cannon) is part of a small group containing three other people who have been accepted as test subjects for Dr. Phillips (Peter Stormare). At first, they ask each test subject to fill out a survey as a simple task. Things take a sinister turn when one subject is executed. Now, the remaining subjects must respond to certain situations that will ultimately decide whether they live or die depending on their choices. As the remaining subjects continue to fear what comes next and their agony grows, Emily (Chloë Sevigny), one of Dr. Phillips colleagues, is debating on shutting down these inhumane tests.

4. The Game

A real-life game gone horribly wrong! Imagine signing up for a game like this and it ends up making you question whether anything in your life is real or if it’s still part of a game! This is an amazing movie that you absolutely have to watch if you haven’t seen it.

The Game Movie Description

Nicholas Van Orton (Michael Douglas) works as a banker and lives a quiet life, usually keeping to himself. On the day of his birthday, his estranged brother Conrad (Sean Penn) comes to him with a strange and unique gift. A personalized game that takes place in real life. Nicholas eventually accepts it and begins the game. At first, it seems harmless, but it quickly takes a dangerous turn and Nicholas now fights for his life. He has no one to trust and all of his money is gone. He must find the answers to what’s going on while trying to escape agents sent by the game’s creators.

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5. Cube

This movie is superb and we can’t believe it came out so long ago! It was definitely ahead of its time and provides one hell of a thrilling experience. You’ll love this if you liked Escape Room!

Cube Movie Description

Quentin (Maurice Dean Wint), Holloway (Nicky Guadagni), Leaven (Nicole de Boer), Rennes (Wayne Robson), Kazan (Andrew Miller), and an architect named Worth (David Hewlett), are all strangers who wake up in a prison made up of cubic cells. Some of these cells contain deadly booby traps. None of them remember anything about how they got here. However, as things unfold, it appears Worth knows more about this prison than he initially lets on. As tensions rise, they must all use their unique skills together if they want any chance of making it out alive.

6. 10 Cloverfield Lane

The people who save you always turn out to be psychopaths! Why is that!? This movie is brilliant and John Goodman puts on a terrifyingly impressive performance. If you want a movie that will keep your eyes glued to the screen with some intense moments, then give this one a try.

10 Cloverfield Lane Movie Description

Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) wakes up after a car accident and finds herself locked in an underground bunker with two men. Howard (John Goodman) claims that he saved her and that a chemical attack has rendered the air above ground unbreathable, which is why he brought her to his bunker. Regardless of what he tells her and the comforts of the bunker, his controlling and menacing nature makes Michelle question if what he’s telling her is true. Because of this, Michelle plans her escape. As she takes matters into her own hands, she finds out the truth about the outside world which may just be more terrifying than what Howard had told her.

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7. Devil

Imagine being trapped in an elevator with the devil! Being trapped in an elevator is bad enough already, let alone with a devil. It surprised us how good this movie was. Literally taking place inside an elevator would make you think it would get boring, but it did not!

Devil Movie Description

On a normal day, five strangers take an elevator in a Philadelphia tower. When the elevator stops, things quickly take an ominous turn. These strangers never thought they would be stuck together for more than a few minutes, but now they must face their darkest secrets and past transgressions coming to light. Paranoia and terror continue to build and they soon come to realize that one passenger on the elevator is Lucifer in the flesh.

8. Cabin In The Woods

We’re ending our list of movies like Escape Room with a bang! If you want a movie where the subject literally has no control regardless of whether they think they do, watch this! It definitely provides some amazing and thrilling moments.

Cabin In The Woods Movie Description

Five friends have taken a small vacation up to a remote cabin located deep in the woods. When they first arrived everything seemed to be fine, but none of them could have ever expected what happens next. Zombie-like beings attack the group and one by one they suffer injuries or face death. With a sinister force behind this attack, the group must work together if any of them want any chance of escaping the horrors this cabin has dealt them.

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