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Alien Movies On Netflix

One of our favorite genres is the alien genre. If you are like us you love any movies that revolve around aliens and contain these possibly terrifying extraterrestrial beings. There’s something about movies that explore all the different possibilities of what aliens could look like or do in the real world if they really do exist. Personally, we would like to believe.

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Another thing that we love and you probably also love is Netflix! So why not combine the two and bring you a list of all the best alien movies on Netflix! We have compiled a list of what we believe are the absolute best alien movies that you can find on Netflix right now. Though Netflix doesn’t have the largest selection of alien movies what they do have to offer will serve as quite good entertainment for multiple hours. So just keep on scrolling to see what amazing alien films we have in store for you.

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1. District 9

To kick off our list of the best alien movies on Netflix we have a pretty epic one! District 9 isn’t your average alien movie and takes a very different approach to things. We need more films like this in the alien genre!

District 9 Movie Description

It’s been 30 years since the aliens have first landed on Earth. Though they are not here to help or conquer the planet. Instead, they have come seeking refuge from their own dying planet. They reside in a place named District 9 located in South Africa. Multi-National United is who manages these alien beings but they have no interest in their well being whatsoever. All they want is to reverse engineer the aliens’ advanced technology in order to master it. However, something goes very wrong when one of the company’s field agents is infected with a virus that begins to change his DNA. This leaves him no choice but to hide out in the alien-infested District 9.

2. Under The Skin

Next up we have one you may not have heard of. We hadn’t heard about this one until recently and couldn’t believe that we hadn’t seen or heard of it. It’s a very dark and eerie alien film. One thing is for sure, it’ll keep you on edge through its run time.

Under The Skin Movie Description

Making its way around Scotland, an alien being has disguised itself as a human female and has sinister intentions. She drives around and lures its next victims into the van it drives around in. Once it has them there, it seduces them and transports them into another dimension where they are nothing more than meat.

3. Lost in Space

Before you say anything, we know that this isn’t a movie, okay! Yes, it is a show but it’s a ridiculously good one in our humble opinion. And the whole basis of it is aliens and space travel! It’s even better than a movie because you don’t just get 2 hours of it, you get 2 whole seasons of it plus a possible third one!

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Lost in Space Description

The Robinson family were some of the few who were selected to travel to a new planet and start a better world for humanity. However, when the ship falls under attack they end up crash landing on a mysterious alien planet. With the odds stacked against them, they must band together and attempt to survive and find a way to escape this planet and signal for someone to come and save them.

4. Event Horizon

This one here is a space horror movie classic that you must watch if you like alien films. We’d love to go to space but after seeing movies like this it makes you want to change your mind!

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Event Horizon Movie Description

A spacecraft named the Event Horizon disappeared a few years back leaving no trace. Years later, it reappears leaving everyone confused and inevitably leading a team to go and investigate the ship. The team consists of the crew of the Lewis and Clark and their leader Capt. Miller (Laurence Fishburne). William Weir (Sam Neill) the creator of the ship has also decided to join the investigation. Once there, it isn’t long before the crew realizes they aren’t alone on this seemingly empty ship. Whatever is with them has sinister intentions and the team will soon learn the horrors that came upon the Event Horizon.

5. The Signal

This one was quite interesting, to say the least. It isn’t your average alien movie. So if you haven’t seen it it’s definitely worth your while!

The Signal Movie Description

Thinking they have tracked a rival computer hacker, college students Jonah (Beau Knapp), Nic (Brenton Thwaites), and Haley (Olivia Cooke) are in for something unexpected. When they arrive at a shed located in the Nevada desert. One by one they all disappear into a white light leading them to wake up in a mysterious research facility.

6. Extinction

Alright, so if you would read the reviews of this movie from critics you would expect a not so good movie. However, we highly advise you to ignore those critics and give this a watch. It is an amazing movie that has some twists you really never see coming!

Extinction Movie Description

A father’s home life begins to fall apart when he starts having recurring dreams about losing his family in a world-ending attack. However, these dreams become a reality when extraterrestrial beings who do not come in peace invade earth. The man must now find a way to save his wife and kids from his dreams which have now become a reality.

7. Cloverfield Paradox

Ending our list of alien movies on Netflix we have one that’ll put your brain in a blender. If you enjoy the Cloverfield movies and like alien films then you’ll want to watch this. Though it isn’t the best Cloverfield movie it is still very enjoyable to watch!

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Cloverfield Paradox Movie Description

A crew orbits above Earth, which is days away from catastrophic energy wars threatening to destroy the planet. The scientists on the craft are running tests on a device that could provide unlimited power and energy. This is also one of the most dangerous devices ever created as they will soon come to realize. When a malfunction occurs the crew is threatened with a paradox which leads them to face some horrifying and dark alternate realities.

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