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About Us

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If you are like us, you are constantly looking for movies or shows that are worth watching!

We’re Avid Movie Watchers

Here at EndlessPopcorn.com we are all avid movie watchers who are always looking for new movies and shows to entertain us for countless hours. We love everything and anything to do with the film world. So you’ll even find posts that delve into the locations used for certain movies. As we grow, you can expect us to continue to add new interesting subjects for your satisfaction.

We Know What Movies You Want to Watch

No matter what you are searching for, we have lists upon lists of all the possible movie categories. We have everything from crazy love stories to heart-pounding horror films that will cause you to sleep with the lights on. We have listed what we believe are the best and most entertaining movies for each specific category. Each post is put together in a pleasing and simplistic format for your convenience.

Expect Hours and Hours of Enjoyment

We absolutely love what we do and hope to provide you with hours upon hours of entertainment. This is just the beginning of a long journey as we will continue to put incredible content out for as long as the film industry is around.

If there is anything that we have missed and you would like for us to research and write about you can go to our Contact Us page and send us a message!

So without further ado grab your bag of popcorn and start your search for your next movie through the thousands we have provided for you.

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