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Movies Like The Hunt

Humans hunting humans is quite a scary and thrilling concept. If this were actually a thing, it would be the most terrifying sport/hobby ever. Imagine being put in the middle of some large chunk of land with another unarmed stranger with no idea how you got there. Next thing you know, you are fighting for your life against the people hunting for you. We would never want to find ourselves in a situation like that. However, the concept does make for one hell of a thrilling film. Which is what makes movies like The Hunt so entertaining and captivating. It’s like a chance to live vicariously through the movie and see if you would make the same types of choices.

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Because of just how entertaining these types of films can be, we have gone and compiled a list of what we think are the best movies like The Hunt that you can go ahead and enjoy for hours. All these films have the same type of “being hunted” theme that we all love so much. Some of these are much more bloody and intense than others. That’s a warning just in case you aren’t a fan of huge amounts of gore. You may recognize some of the films on this list as well. If you do, and you’ve already watched them, you should re-watch them anyways. You can usually catch a few things you didn’t see the first time around!

1. The Hunger Games

To begin our list of movies like The Hunt we have the well know Katniss Everdeen making an appearance! This definitely gives you the being hunted feeling in this massive Battle Royale arena!

The Hunger Games Movie Description

North America has split into 12 different districts all controlled by the Capitol of Panem. Every year an event known as the Hunger Games is held and broadcasted nationally. Each district must select one boy and girl known as Tributes for the event. Everybody must watch the young compete and fight to the death until only one person is left standing. One of District 12’s Tributes is Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence). It seems like all odds of her surviving are stacked against her. She must rely on her hunting skills and instinct to try and survive this deadly game.

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2. You’re Next

If you don’t like a ridiculously amount of blood and gore then you should probably steer clear of this one. Now, if you don’t have a problem with it then you should definitely give this one a watch! It’ll make you rethink going to your next family reunion!

You’re Next Movie Description

The Davisons, an extremely wealthy family don’t have the best relationship amongst themselves. Over the years they have become estranged to each other. However, in an effort to mend relationships, Aubrey (Barbara Crampton) and Paul (Rob Moran) Davison have decided to invite their children and significant others to celebrate their anniversary. They all gather at the family’s weekend estate. As to be expected, the gathering doesn’t start so well. Things quickly get much worse when a crossbow-wielding killer begins attacking the family. If the Davidsons want any chance of survival they must find a way to work together and survive the night.

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3. Ready or Not

This one should be on every list of movies like The Hunt. Imagine getting married and having to survive your new relatives hunting you down throughout an entire night! That would be nothing short of the most terrifying thing that could possibly happen.

Ready or Not Movie Description

Grace (Samara Weaving) has finally married the man of her dreams and nothing could make her happier. They have their wedding at his family’s astonishing estate. However, she couldn’t have ever expected what happens next. There is one catch to this marriage. From midnight to dawn, Grace must hide and survive her new in-laws who will try and hunt her down with a variety of weapons. As she continues to fight for survival, Grace hatches a plan to even the playing field against her killer relatives.

4. The Purge

We don’t think we’d want to live in a world where there is a 12 hour period where you can commit any crime you’d like! If we did live in such a world, you are damn sure we would have a hidden bunker with top of the line security protecting it!

The Purge Movie Description

America has been overcome with crime and prisons are filled to the max. The government has implemented an annual 12 hour period where all crime including murder is legal. James Sandin (Ethan Hawke) a family man, must find a way to protect his family and keep themselves from turning into the same people they are trying to escape from. But this proves difficult when an intruder threatens the lives of his wife and two children. He will stop at nothing to protect them.

5. Circle

Another incredibly mortifying situation to be in is this one right here. We can’t imagine being stuck in a room with a random stranger and every two minutes someone dies! This concept makes for one hell of a thrilling movie.

Circle Movie Description

A large chamber holds 50 complete strangers captive, all of which face imminent death. None of them have any idea of how they ended up there. The only thing they know for sure is every 2 minutes someone dies. They quickly realize that together they can control who dies next. The question is, who will be the last one standing?

6. Hard Target

To end our list of movies like The Hunt we have one of the most similar to the movie itself. If there are ever rich people really hunting down other humans, you would want this guy to be on your team to fight back.

Hard Target Movie Description

Chance Boudreaux (Jean-Claude Van Damme), a sailor who also has various skills in martial arts, has been contracted to protect Natasha Binder (Yancy Butler). He must keep her safe as she tries to find her veteran father Douglas (Chuck Pfarrer). They come across a terrifying secret kept by some of the wealthiest men. The wealthy have created a sport out of hunting down homeless people. If the homeless survive the journey through the town they win $10,000. Chance discovers that one of their victims was, in fact, Natasha’s father leading him to hunt down and stop these hunters.

Scene from Ready Or Not for movies like The Hunt post.
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