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Movies Like Interstellar

One of the best space movies ever made has to be Interstellar! There is absolutely no arguing with that! So, are there really any movies that compare to this masterpiece and deliver a similar experience? Hell ya, there are! In this list, we have put together the best space movies out there that are like Interstellar! If you have been searching for some amazing films like Interstellar, then you can stop your search here! The selection we have is absolutely astonishing and will keep you in bed all day watching them! So keep on reading and prepare to binge all these movies like Interstellar!

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1. The Martian

The performance put on by Matt Damon in this film is nothing short of mesmerizing! Not only is this film extremely captivating, but it is also pretty scientifically accurate! (Obviously, some things are exaggerated to make the movie more exciting) It really gets you thinking about what you would do if your crew left you behind on Mars! If you haven’t seen The Martian, do so now!

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The Martian Movie Summary

A group of astronauts, on the Aries III mission to Mars, are 18 martian solar days into their 31 sol long mission when a dangerous and powerful martian dust storm unexpectedly forms. As the storm hits their Martian base, it begins destroying the base and equipment forcing the astronauts to evacuate early.

However, during the evacuation, a piece of debris smashes into astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) sending him flying away and disappearing into the storm. Presumed to be dead, the commander, Melissa Lewis (Jessica Chastain), orders the team to evacuate back into orbit. Soon after, Mark wakes up, stranded, alone, and injured. With no way to communicate with the team and limited supplies, Mark’s only hope of rescue is the next Mars mission, which is set to take place 4 years later. Now, he must find a way to make food and water and survive as long as possible until he is rescued.

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2. Gravity

This was such a heart-pounding movie! Seriously, your heart will nearly beat out of your chest with the suspense and intensity of this film! This movie will have your eyes glued to the screen while you anxiously wait for something horrible to go wrong! We highly recommend giving this one a watch… or two.

Gravity Movie Summary

A Nasa space shuttle makes its way to service the Hubble Telescope. Matt Kowalski (George Clooney), a well-versed astronaut on his final mission is in command of the crew. Also on board is Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), a medical engineer.

Later into the mission Kowalski and Stone perform a spacewalk. While on the spacewalk a massive cloud of debris hits both the shuttle and the Hubble. During the chaos, the cord that bounds Stone to the shuttle tears sending her hurtling through space. Quick to action, Kowalski saves Stone. However, with the shuttle destroyed and the rest of the crew dead, the two now orbit alone in space. Their only chance for survival is to travel deeper into space to the International space station. But they have about 90 minutes before the debris makes a full orbit and heads right back toward them.

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3. Prometheus

The prequel to some of the best space horror movies out there! Prometheus serves as an amazing back story to the Alien films and will leave you wanting more! If you havent seen prometheus or the Alien movies, go ahead and do so now!

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Prometheus Movie Summary

In search of answers to questions that humanity has pondered for millennia, a team of explorers traverses into the farthest parts of the universe. Shaw (Noomi Rapace), a scientist on the journey, hopes to prove that a god-like being did, in fact, create the human race. On the other hand, Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green), is there to disprove any religious or spiritual belief about life and creation. However, as they will soon find out, the answers they are looking for may be best left unknown.

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4. First Man

One of the best films of 2018 without a doubt! The film takes you through the race to get to the moon and Neil Armstrong’s journey as an astronaut! What more could a space fanatic ask for!?

First Man Movie Summary

Follow the story of Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling) and his journey as the first man to step on the moon. Neil’s made a countless number of sacrifices that almost cost him everything he loves. However, he pushes through, and after loss, failure, and pain, he finally accomplishes his dream of making it to the moon.

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5. Passengers

We sure as hell would not want to end up in the same predicament that Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) found himself in! If we were to wake up on a space ship 90 years too early with no one else around, we’d go crazy! This film is absolutely amazing and gets those gears in your brain turning! We definitely recommend you give it a watch!

Passengers Movie Summary

The Avalon, a ship that currently houses 5,000 colonist in hibernation pods, makes its journey through deep space. The goal of the ship is to make its way towards a planet named Homestead II. The ship’s entire voyage will last 120 years.

Planned to be a safe journey, 30 years after launch the Avalon experiences a collision with an asteroid. The ship becomes damaged, and some of its systems begin to fail. Consequently, the ship’s computer wakes a colonist named Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) up from his hibernation 90 years too soon. Jim spends the next year isolated and alone.

The extreme isolation and loneliness push Jim to wake up a fellow passenger named Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawerence) despite the moral issues he struggled with in doing so. Now, Jim has a secret to keep as he and Aurora grow intimately closer. However, as the two will soon find out, the ship and its 5,000 passengers are in imminent danger. It’s now up to them to save the ship. Even if it costs them their lives.

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6. Europa Report

Another excellent space movie is Europa Report! It would be awesome if there were other life in our solar system. This film explores the reason as to why we may not have found any! What if the aliens don’t live on the surface of the planet or moon but instead live underneath?! If you haven’t seen this film, you are doing yourself a disservice!

Europa Report Movie Summary

Scientists believe that Jupiter’s moon, Europa, has a massive hidden ocean under its surface that may contain single-celled life. Unmanned probes made the discovery which led to the belief that life exists elsewhere in the solar system. In response to this astounding discovery, a crew of astronauts ventures out to the cold Jupiter moon in search of life. However, when the crew of six astronauts arrives on Europa, they quickly learn they may not make it back alive.

7. Life

This is why if there are aliens on Mars, you don’t attempt to study them! Seriously! This film would be everyone’s worse nightmare if they were in space studying an alien! If you have not had the pleasure of watching this one, then you must go do it now! It definitely has an Alien vibe to it, so if you liked those films give this one a watch!

Life Movie Summary

A team of astronauts aboard the International Space Station currently have proof that Mars has life on it. They are in control of an alien creature which they begin to test and study intensively. What they don’t know is that the creature in their possession is more intelligent than they could ever imagine. The alien begins to evolve and adapt to its surroundings, eventually making its escape. Now on the loose, the creature begins to wreak havoc on the crew. If any of them want any chance of surviving, they must find a way to kill or contain the loose alien.

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