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Scene from Narnia for where was Narnia filmed post.

Where Was Narnia Filmed? Magical 2005 Film Locations

Scene from Narnia for where was Narnia filmed post.

Where Was Narnia Filmed?

We’re pretty sure that Narnia was a part of everyone’s childhood even if it wasn’t the film adaptation of it! We have all heard of this magical story and have probably also read at least one of the books! Nothing but pure excitement surrounded the series when the films were set to release! And the movies were absolutely stunning! Which brings us to the reason why you are here – to find out where these locations are! Well, keep on reading, and we will answer all those questions!

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Narnia Filming Locations

During the production of the Narnia film series, producers used a few different locations to provide us with the gorgeous scenery we see in the movie. The main location used for filming was New Zealand with a couple of other minor locations including Poland and the Czech Republic. All of which are absolutely beautiful locations, making it obvious as to why producers chose them to film!

Locations Used In New Zealand

Film-makers used quite a few locations in New Zealand during the production of this film! Firstly, Woodhill forest is the location that portrays the White Witch Camp in the film. For the great battle scene, producers filmed at Flock Hill. Producers also used Elephant Rocks for Aslan’s Campsite.

For the gorgeous set of Fairytail Country, film-makers used Paradise, a private horse ranch! Lastly, the stunning castle of Cair Paravel made its appearance through the magic of CGI on the cliff tops of Purakaunui Bay.

Locations Used In Poland

Compared to New Zealand, only a small portion of the production took place in Poland. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that the locations used here are just as beautiful! Locations such as Kamieńczyk Falls and Błędne Skały Labirynt made it into the final cut of the film. Other than that, that pretty much does it for filming in Poland.

Locations Used In The Czech Republic

Even fewer locations were used in the Czech Republic during the production of the Narnia series. Actually, only one major location was used! Producers filmed at Bohemian Switzerland for a few scenes in the film. Locals now refer to it occasionally as the land of Narnia!

That wraps it up for the locations used during the filming of these stunning films! We hope that we were able to answer to your curiosities about where Narnia was filmed!

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