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Where Was The Martian Filmed?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit or live on Mars!? We know we have! The Martian is actually one of the first Mars movies that aim to be scientifically accurate. So it definitely gives you a more realistic version of what you should expect if you visit the red planet. However, of course, the movie isn’t entirely accurate! The producers have to make it exciting and fun, so there have to be some fallacies. So, you must be curious about where the producers filmed this movie to make it look like it was actually on a different planet! Well, if you continue reading, we provide you with all the answers to your curiosities.

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The Martian Filming Locations

So, where was The Martian filmed!? Well, The Martian didn’t have many film locations. In fact, it really only had two main spots that were used for filming! Producers decided on filming all the interior scenes in Hungary. In contrast, the creators shot in Jordan for all the gorgeous outdoor scenes to portray the red planet!

Location In Jordan

So, where precisely in Jordan is it possible to film and make it look like Matt Damon is on a different planet! Because sadly, production didn’t actually take place on the Martian planet. Well, the location used is Wadi Rum! Wadi is an absolutely beautiful desert in the southern portion of Jordan. If you didn’t know already, many other movies have also used Wadi as a filming location for their films on Mars! These movies are Mission to Mars, Red Planet, and The Last Days on Mars! However, we don’t think that any of those compete with the Martian!

Location In Hungary

So, you must be asking yourself where exactly did Matt Damon plant all those potatoes! Well, all the indoor scenes took place in Budapest, Hungary! Well, near Budapest anyways. The scenes ended up filmed in Korda Studios. The studios claim to have the largest sound stage in the world! This is one of the main reasons that producers decided to use it for their indoor sets!

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