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Movies Like Annihilation

This movie was such a mind-bending and reality flipping experience that we just had to go on the search for films similar to it! Annihilation is everything we ever wanted and more! It literally throws you into another dimension and makes you question what reality even is.

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So we have gone out and searched for the best movies like Annihilation that you can watch to date! So if that is something that you have been looking for then go ahead and keep on reading to see which incredible movies we have added to this list!

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1. Ex Machina

If you like Annihilation then you will most definitely like Ex Machina! Alex Garland directed both movies so you can expect them both to be an amazing viewing experience! If you haven’t seen this movie then you are truly missing out!

Ex Machina Movie Description

Winning a company contest, Caleb Smith (Domhnall Gleeson) has the chance to spend a week at the company’s CEO Bateman’s (Oscar Isaac) house. When Caleb arrives he learns that Bateman is going to use him as a test with the consciousness he has created named Ava (Alicia Vikander). Ava is one of the most advanced and beautiful intelligent beings ever made, maybe too smart for everyone’s good. As the two men will soon find out, Ava is always one step ahead.

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2. Prometheus

The prequel to the Alien movies may have left us with more questions than answers but it’s an incredible movie to watch! If you are a fan of any sci-fi related movie then this should be at the top of your list. Go ahead and give it a watch!

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Prometheus Movie Description

A hint to where to find the answer to one of mankind’s most pressing questions has appeared. Who made us? The question soon leads a group of space travelers to some of the darkest corners of the universe. Leading the team are two scientists with polar opposite objectives of the end mission. Shaw (Noomi Rapace) hopes for the beings to answer religious questions and confirm religious beliefs. The other, Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green), wants to prove religion is a manmade concept and wants to disprove any notions of religion. However, nobody can prepare for what lies ahead.

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3. Arrival

Arrival is such a mind-bending movie and it hits you out of nowhere! It just reaches out and punches you across the face while you least expect it! Give it a watch if you want your mind blown!

Arrival Movie Description

Alien spaceships with an incomprehensible size touch down at 12 different locations of importance around the globe. Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker) calls upon Louise Banks (Amy Adams), a linguistics professor to lead a team of top of the line investigators to attempt to communicate with the alien beings. Louise runs against time to try and find out what the aliens want before a national war breaks out possibly bringing an end to Earth.

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4. Under The Skin

The performance put on by Scarlett Johansson in this movie is nothing short of incredible! It’s probably the weirdest movies on this list but in a very good way! We definitely recommend giving it a watch if you haven’t already.

Under The Skin Movie Description

An extraterrestrial disguises herself as a human woman and takes up a new life in Scotland. Throughout the day she travels around Scotland and seduces men to travel with her. She takes the men to an unknown weird dimension where she later consumes them. However, by living on Earth, she begins to unravel truths about herself that even she didn’t know existed

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5. Bird Box

Everyone has heard about this one right here! For a solid month, all everyone talked about was Birdbox! You absolutely need to watch this if you didn’t already even after hearing all the hype around it!

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Bird Box Movie Description

An unknown force kills off most of the human race. With no knowledge of where it came from or how to kill it, the only thing everyone knows is, don’t look. As soon as you look an overwhelming urge to kill yourself consumes you until you do it. A woman and her children now venture on one of the most dangerous journeys possible for the hope of reaching a safe haven where they can live in peace.

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6. Hereditary

Everyone is always looking for an explanation for this movie because that is just how mind-warping it really is! It also has a bit of a horror feel to it as well. So if you haven’t seen it we highly recommend it!

Hereditary Movie Description

When the family grandmother who suffered from severe mental illnesses passes away, strange and terrifying things begin to happen. Supernatural things begin to happen and leave the family reeling. The more the family learns about their ancestry the darker the discoveries become.

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7. Splice

For the final of the movies like Annihilation, we have Splice! We hope that no one ever attempts to create some sort of creature like this because it’s everyone’s worst nightmare! Give it a watch if you haven’t already!

Splice Movie Description

Clive (Adrien Brody) and Elsa (Sarah Polley) a pair of genius geneticists may have gone too far with this hybrid species. Their bosses had denied the ideas of the experiments they wanted to perform using human DNA. However, that didn’t stop the two from doing it in secret. The experiment was a success and created a being that goes by Dren. A super-intelligent being with inhuman physical characteristics. Their creation supersedes any hybrid creature ever created or dreamed of. However, when Dren begins to grow at an alarming rate and its intelligence overcomes that of her creators, it possesses a threat not only to them but to the world too.

Scene from Prometheus for movies like Annihilation post.
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