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Movies Like London Has Fallen

You already know that any movie starring Gerard Butler will have an abundance of incredible action and violence. That is precisely what London Has Fallen delivers! London Has Fallen is the second film in a three-film series. Olympus Has Fallen was released first and is just as fantastic and action-packed! There is a third film in the series called Angel Has Fallen, and it is scheduled for release in August 2019.

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If you are here, you must be like us and are looking for movies like London Has Fallen because it was unquestionably epic! Well, we have some good news! We have found the absolute best movies like London Has Fallen and they all have just as much, or even more, action in them.

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1. Mission: Impossible – Fallout

We’re all familiar with the Mission Impossible series and just how awesome every single one of the movies is! Tom Cruise gives us nothing short of another jaw-dropping performance in this one! With non-stop action and explosions, we highly recommend you watch this one if you haven’t already!

Mission: Impossible – Fallout Movie Description

After the escape of Solomon Lane (Sean Harris), Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), an IMF agent, and his teammates join together with a CIA operative named August Walker (Henry Cavill). They go after an arms dealer named John Lark (Liang Yang) and a malicious group of terrorists known as the Apostles. Now, Ethan and his team must stop a planned attack that will employ three plutonium cores that the Apostles have put into play. With little time left before the bombs go off, this mission is the most impossible they have had to date.

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2. Skyfall

We all love James Bond and the bone breaking action he brings to our screens! Skyfall is absolutely amazing and delivers a non-stop thrilling experience! If you haven’t seen it, go ahead and give it a watch!

Skyfall Movie Description

Bond’s (Daniel Craig) last assignment took a turn for the worse and exposed the identities of MI6 agents around the world. A man named Silva (Javier Bardem) has the list containing all the identities. Now, Bond must go after Silva and capture him before he does any more damage. However, the closer Bond gets to capturing Silva the more secrets come to light about his boss M (Judi Dench).

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3. Survivor

This man framed the wrong person! We can tell you that! Just like London Has Fallen this movie offers you incredible action while also giving you a great story to follow. We highly recommend giving this one a watch!

Survivor Movie Description

A deadly assassin known as The Watchman (Pierce Brosnan) has framed a foreign intelligence agent named Kate Abbott (Milla Jovovich) for a bombing. Kate now has the attention of multiple agencies, and they are coming for her at full force. However, she must evade capture while also tracking down The Watchman to stop him from committing another catastrophic attack.

4. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

A CIA analyst gone full operative! Jack Ryan is a fantastic movie that deserves all of your attention! If you have not seen this one, we highly recommend you give it a watch.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Movie Description

Jack Ryan (Chris Pine), a CIA agent, has kept the secret of who he works for from his family for years. Ryan is not a field agent but instead works as an analyst. However, all that is about to change. Ryan must find a way to stop a plot that will decimate the U.S. economy. The job is more dangerous than Ryan could have ever anticipated. He must stop the Russians, or the whole world may fall into chaos.

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5. The Foreigner

Even at an older age, Jackie Chan can kick some serious butt without the slightest struggle! This man is a true beast, and there is no other way to describe him! If you are looking for lots of bone breaking action, this one is the one for you!

The Foreigner Movie Description

Quan (Jackie Chan) had a dark past full of violence but now lives a simple life in London as a businessman. However, all that changes when the only person he loves dies a violent death. A terrorist attack takes his daughter from him when a bomb goes off inside a clothing store she is in. Quan, blinded by grief, puts his old skills to use when he works tirelessly to track down the people behind the attack. All he wants now is the blood of the people responsible for his daughter’s death.

6. White House Down

This movie is probably the closest you will find to Olympus Has Fallen, or London Has Fallen. White House Down has the same premise and is just as action filled. If you are looking for a film that is almost exactly like London Has Fallen, this is the one for you.

White House Down Movie Description

Wanting to protect the president, John Cale (Channing Tatum) interviews for a job as a member of the secret service. However, he didn’t make the cut and is denied his dream job. Not wanting to tell his daughter about this, he takes her on a “special” tour of the White House. When the two are there, a heavily armed terrorist group attacks the White House and takes control of the building. Quickly, Cale takes his daughter to safety and jumps into the action to fight and save the president of the United States.

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7. American Assassin

This guy turned himself into one of the deadliest killing machines on the planet almost entirely on his own! This movie is action-packed to the brim, and it doesn’t get old! Give this a watch if you haven’t seen it already.

American Assassin Movie Description

Mitch Rapp (Dylan O’Brien) has consumed himself in the dark world of wanting revenge. His only goal is to avenge his late girlfriend against the terrorists who took her life. After the attack which killed his girlfriend while the couple was on vacation, Mitch has trained himself non-stop, to transform himself into an unstoppable killer. The CIA learns about Mitch and what he is doing, in turn, they enlist him as a special operative. Now, instead of aimlessly killing terrorists, Mitch must save the Middle East from a rogue agent who intends on starting a new World War.

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8. Jason Bourne

For the final of the movies like London Has Fallen, we have Jason Bourne! Oh yes! The badass is back! They should have let him be, but it seems that people don’t learn their lessons! We definitely recommend you give this a watch!

Jason Bourne Movie Description

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) hasn’t left his old life behind. It has been 10 years since he left the agency that trained and created him. However, the CIA wants him and plans on capturing him by whatever means necessary. Once again, Bourne finds himself back in the middle of the action and must find a way to end this once and for all.

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Scene from Jason Bourne for movies like London Has Fallen post.
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