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Shows Like Game Of Thrones

The show that everyone around the world has heard about. One of the best series to ever come to your screen. Game Of Thrones has given us a show which has people watching for hours on end forgetting about any stress or responsibilities they may have. But as all great things do, the show had to come to an end. Whether you like and agree with how it ended or not, we can all agree it was quite an amazing journey, to say the least. Because of the show concluding it is no surprise that you are now looking for shows like Game Of Thrones.

Lucky for you, there are quite a few series out there that can also provide you with hours upon hours of thrilling entertainment. We have put together a list of all the best shows like Game Of Thrones which you are sure to enjoy!

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1. Vikings

For the first on the list for the shows like Game Of Thrones, we have one that may just be more violent. Vikings has some of the best battle scenes that you could ever watch. Not only that but you also end up deeply invested with the characters of the show just like in Game Of Thrones.

Vikings Show Description

Follow the journey of the ruthless fabled Viking Ragnar Lothbrok. His journey from simple family life to a loved and hated king. Suffering close losses and even closer betrayals. Battle to battle Ragnar seems undefeatable. But his power might be his inevitable downfall. But when that time does come, he has multiple sons to step up and follow in his steps in conquering everything they have ever wanted.

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2. The Witcher

This one was released very recently. We loved everything about this show. The action and the story were great. Though the show did get mixed reviews we believe it is worth the watch regardless. And it definitely does have that Game Of Thrones vibe to it as well.

The Witcher Show Description

A monster hunter who prefers to live life alone and keeps himself from forming any real connections is about to have his life turned upside down. Geralt of Rivia makes his living hunting down monsters for a hefty price. But something Geralt did in the past comes back for him. Though he has faced incredible dangers nothing will amount to what evil is now coming for him and the one person he is destined to protect. If he fails, he will lose more than just his life.

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3. Westworld

We’ve talked about this show before and we’ll talk about it again because it really is that good. We don’t believe we are far off from having something like this available to humans in the real world. Living life with no limits sounds amazing until things begin to go wrong. We highly recommend you give this a watch!

Westworld Show Description

In a future society, theme parks have been created to allow the rich who can afford them the ability to live out their darkest desires. Human-like robots called hosts roam around the park for the human guests to do as they please with. After each cycle, the engineers of the park have the memories of the host erased for the safety of the guests. However, unknown to the engineers some of these hosts begin to retain their memories of past events and begin to learn and think for themselves.

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4. The Last Kingdom

If you had to choose between the people who raised you, who also happen to take you away from your family when you were younger, or your homeland country which would you choose? Well, Uhtred is going to have to make this decision. If you want a good story with some incredible action then this show is a must-watch!

The Last Kingdom Show Description

Uhtred, a boy born as the son of a Saxon nobleman has been captured by the invading Danes and raised as one of their own. Uhtred comes to a crossroads when he must choose between the people who have raised him and the country where he was birthed. Uhtred embarks on a journey to reclaim his birthright but in doing so will face great dangers from both the Saxons and the Danes.

5. Outlander

What would you do if you found yourself stuck over 200 hundred years in the past!? Well, this show will give you some answers to what Claire did. The show gets pretty intense so if you want some thrilling cinema in your life, give this show a watch.

Outlander Show Description

Claire Randall, a combat nurse in 1945 has just lived through the unexplainable. Clair should be in 1945 but she finds that she has somehow traveled back in time to 1743 where she finds herself consumed by fear and confusion. She immediately notices that her life is in grave danger during this time and must use her skills to find a way to survive in these barbaric times.

6. The Tudors

King Henry is possibly one of the most notorious kings to walk this Earth. Though you probably would never have wanted to meet him in real life, his story does make for a very entertaining show!

The Tudors Show Description

King Henry VIII has made himself infamous through his ruthless and horrible ruling. Taking place during the sixteenth century, it follows the story of all the different relationships King Henry had, both romantic and not. To secure his dynasty Henry wants to divorce his current wife as he has found a new love interest with Anne Boleyn.

7. Once Upon a Time

For the final show on this list of shows like Game Of Thrones, we have Once Upon a Time. Imagine if all the fairy tails you heard as a kid ended up coming into reality. If you ever wondered what that would look like then this show does a great job of pulling you into that fantasy world!

Once Upon a Time Show Description

Emma Swan has lived a difficult life which has led her to an unlikely reunion with her son Henry who she gave up for adoption years ago. Henry has a book of fairy tales in which he believes his mother and him are a part of. At first, Emma put this off and didn’t want to believe it. But with events that continue to happen maybe these fairy tales aren’t just stories after all.

Scene from Vikings for shows like Game Of Thrones post.
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