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Scene from Westworld for where was Westworld filmed post.

Where Was Westworld Filmed? Stunning 2016 Show Locations

Scene from Westworld for where was Westworld filmed post.

Where Was Westworld Filmed?

If you’ve watched Westworld, then you understand how incredibly cool the concept of this show is. Imagine living life with no limits and having the ability to do anything because you are living your life through a robot. The downside to it is that, just like Westworld, it’d only be available to the ultra rich. Regardless, this is one hell of a concept that may actually come to fruition someday considering how fast technology is advancing.

If you are here, you must have some questions about where producers have filmed this incredible show. Well, luckily for you, we have done a little research and found exactly where the sets of this show are located in the real world! So we can answer you questions like “Where was Westworld filmed?” and many more! Just keep on reading, and you’ll find everything you need below!

Westworld Filming Locations

Okay, so starting off, we are going to list the broad locations which producers used for Westworld. Since the show is set in the west, it only makes sense that producers would choose the western section of the United States.

Firstly, we have the beautiful desert land in Arizona! You can tell what parts of the filming take place here due to the beauty of the state. Next, we have Utah as another major location used for the production of the show. And, for the final state that producers chose for the show, we have the one and only California!

Those are the general locations, now if you want some more detail as to where in those states producers filmed Westworld, then keep reading below.

Locations Used In Arizona

First up, we have the beautiful State of Arizona! For some of the riding scenes in the show, producers used the spectacular Monument Valley. While Arizona wasn’t used as much as the other two states during the production of the show there are a couple of more filming locations. Producers used breathtaking Kayenta and Agathla Peak. Other than that not much more filming went on in Arizona.

Locations Used In Utah

Now we have come to Utah. Producers used Utah for a lot of Westworld’s beautiful scenery. These locations include State Route 128, which is across from many of the lookout points that you can see in the show. You can visit this place and really take in the beauty, not from the screen but, from your own eyes.

Another location that may take you by surprise is Castle Valley. That’s right! When you see the rock-spire in the show, it isn’t Arizona’s similar Monument Valley.

Some other beautiful locations used include Fisher Valley and Dead Horse Point State Park. That about wraps it up for Utah!

Locations Used In California

Surprisingly, California did have a couple of major shooting locations that you can find in the show. Starting with a few of the Main Street scenes you see in the show. For those scenes, producers used the gorgeous Paramount Ranch. Also, for many of the riding scenes in the show, producers used the stunning Santa Clarita. Other locations used in California include Veluzat Motion Picture Ranch, Skirball Cultural Center, Simi Valley, Pacific Design Center, Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park, and Melody Ranch.

And that concludes all the locations that producers used for Westworld’s production!

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