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Scene from Vikings for where is Vikings filmed post.

Where Is Vikings Filmed? Beautiful 2013 Show Locations

Scene from Vikings for where is Vikings filmed post.

Where Is Vikings Filmed?

In our opinion, Vikings is easily just as good as Game Of Thrones. Everything about this show is essentially perfect, and that includes the diverse scenery chosen by producers to film this series.

Literally, from the first scenes, your mouth opens up in awe of the beauty of it all. So, after being captivated by the incredible beauty of the locations producers chose, we just had to find out where they filmed this stunning show – for possible future traveling destinations.

Keep on reading to find out the answer to your most pressing question. Where is Vikings filmed?

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Vikings Filming Locations

So where is Vikings filmed!? It’s no questions that we all want to know where in the hell producers filmed such a binge-worthy show! You could watch every episode of this show in one sitting, and you’d still want more!

One of the first things that catch the viewers’ attention is the scenery. And we’re here to tell you that film-makers filmed those jaw-dropping vistas in absolutely stunning Ireland.

Locations Used In Ireland

So, we know that producers filmed this show in Ireland, but where exactly in Ireland did they shoot? Well, for most of the filming, producers shot in Ireland’s beautiful countryside which lies just south of Dublin.

A bulk of the filming took place around the gorgeous Wicklow Mountains. These mountains, without a doubt, will stun anyone fortunate enough to witness their majesty in person.

Vikings also features Ireland’s Ancient East pretty heavily throughout the show.

While we’ve been pretty broad so far, we’ll zoom in and pinpoint some exact locations for you. You’re sure to recognize some of these…

For the infamous scene where the never-ending fleet of Vikings are sailing to take Paris, producers used River Boyne (County Meath). Producers also shot these scenes near the famous Slane Castle.

Film-makers shot many of the scenes in Kattegat where the longships are setting sail to discover new lands in the beautiful Blessington Lakes (County Wicklow). One of the most important shooting locations was Lough Tay (County Wicklow). If you guessed that producers used Lough Tay to film all the Kattegat scenes, then you are correct!

Okay, so that’s essentially all the major locations used to film this amazing show. However, we will list off a few more minor sites which producers used in the making of Vikings. We have the Powerscourt Waterfall & Estate (County Wicklow), Luggala Estate (County Wicklow), Nuns Beach (County Kerry), Lough Dan (County Wicklow), and last, but not least, Ashford Studios (County Wicklow).

These are all the locations that producers have used for the making of Vikings. We hope you enjoyed and learned all the answers to the questions you had about the show’s filming locations.

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