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Shows Like Black Mirror

Everyone who has watched Black Mirror understands just how mind-bending and jaw-dropping this show can be. However, the show does have a major downside. Each season only comes with 3-6 episodes! So you may undoubtedly finish a new season within a day leaving you empty-handed until a new season comes out. But we are here to ease that pain by providing you with some amazing shows like Black Mirror which will have your mind twirling as well!

While you wait for new Black Mirror Episodes you can watch and enjoy these shows that will give you that same thrilling feeling Black Mirror does. We have listed the best and most similar shows like Black Mirror we have had the pleasure of watching. Just read on and you will have countless hours of cinema to enjoy!

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1. The Twilight Zone

For the first of the shows like Black Mirror we obviously have to start with the one that Black Mirror takes inspiration from. If you are looking for an amazing anthological series to watch then this show right here is THE ONE you absolutely have to watch.

The Twilight Zone Show Description

One of the original anthology series out there. Follow each standalone episode through their own captivating stories. Witness people go through some uncanny experiences forcing them to face some astounding situations. With a new story to follow every episode, boredom isn’t a possibility for this show.

2. Maniac

Oh man, was this show good! It really busts up your mind a bit with how the story flows. The show has a very similar feel to Black Mirror. It could very well be a black mirror episode just an episode that has a whole season to it!

Maniac Show Description

A pair of strangers (Jonah Hill) (Emma Stone) who have become unhappy with life, find each other drawn to the same location. A pharmaceutical company has promised that if they come in for a trial all their problems will be solved when they leave. The company promises both strangers that the program has no side effects or complications at all. Not long after the tests begin, things quickly start to go wrong.

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3. Westworld

If you had the money would you want to take part in this insane way of living life!? Having no limits as to what you can do sounds quite tempting but it definitely has its drawbacks. Give this show a watch if you haven’t already!

Westworld Show Description

Only the extremely wealthy can afford access to this one of a kind theme park. Once you can afford a ticket to this place, all limits on life become inexistent. Arnold Weber and Robert Ford partner to create this park with human-like robots called host which roam the park and the human guests can do whatever they please with them. Host cannot get retribution as they are programmed not to harm the human guests. This way, whatever wild fantasies one wants to live out, no humans end up harmed in the process.

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4. Dark

This show is amazing. The only drawback is that it is not in English. So you will have to do some subtitle reading! But trust us when we say that really shouldn’t stop you from watching this show! It’s like a very dark Black Mirror episode.

Dark Show Description

With the disappearance of a child, dark secrets begin to come to light. The fallout of the child’s disappearance exposes the hidden connections between four families. As more secrets come to light, the four families attempt to understand a time travel conspiracy which tracks back as far as three generations with some horrifying implications.

5. Russian Doll

How mortifying would it be to live through the same day over and over again knowing that you will continue to experience your death with every day that goes by. What would you do in a situation like that? Give this one a watch to find out what Nadia does!

Russian Doll Show Description

A woman named Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) has lived through the same night countless times. She attends a party in New York as a guest of honor. Every time she dies she restarts her day at the same precise moment at that party. She continues her attempt to uncover what continues happening to her. However, she may have to live life forever in a continuous cycle of death if she doesn’t make a breakthrough.

6. Altered Carbon

Finally, for the shows like Black Mirror, we have Altered Carbon. If you could download your consciousness and live forever would you do it? Undoubtedly the world as we know it would change drastically if that were possible. Give Altered Carbon a watch to see how one of these possible realities would look like.

Altered Carbon Show Description

In the future mankind has managed to digitalize a human soul making it easy to transfer itself between bodies. Warriors known as Envoys attempted to stop this future from becoming a reality. One of these elite warriors named Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman) has had his soul imprisoned for 250 years. Someone downloads his mind into a new body and when he wakes he must become accustomed to this new life. But those who woke him want to use him for his particular set of skills to solve a murder. If he succeeds Takeshi will have a second shot at life.

Scene from Maniac for shows like Black Mirror post.
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