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Shows Like The Witcher

It’s no secret as to how fast The Witcher became one of the most popular shows on Netflix let alone one of the most popular shows of 2019. There’s no question as to why this is. It’s an incredible show that had us and people around the world finish the entire season in a day. Now, because of how good it was and how fast everyone watched it, we are left having to wait until next year for a second season.

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All hope is not lost though. During our wait for the second season, there are plenty of incredible shows like The Witcher that we can spend our time binging on. To our surprise, there are quite a few similar shows that give you that same thrill as The Witcher does. Some of the shows listed are quite popular and you are sure to recognize them. All of these shows are bound to have your eyes glued to the screen for hours upon hours. So grab your favorite snack, and check out our list of the best shows like The Witcher for you to chose what the next series you binge will be.

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1. Game Of Thrones

It’s only right that we start off a list of shows like The Witcher with one of the best and most popular shows ever made! If you haven’t heard of Game Of Thrones then you definitely live under a rock! The show has the same type of style The Witcher has and you’ll find yourself spending days upon days watching it.

Game Of Thrones Show Description

Several families fight over the mythical continent of Westeros. As they fight relentlessly among each other, an enemy thought to be nothing but a wives-tale looms near. It’s an enemy powerful enough to wipe out every kingdom with ease if they are not prepared. All the while, the heir of a usurped dynasty plans on making her way across the Narrow seas to claim her rightful spot on the Iron Throne.

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2. Merlin

Just like The Witcher, this show has a bit of magic action in it! You get to take a look at the journey of one of the most well-known sorcerers when he was a younger kid! The show will draw your attention with ease after the first episode!

Merlin Show Description

Follow the incredible adventure of young Merlin (Colin Morgan), one of the greatest sorcerers to ever walk the earth. In his years as a teen, Merlin becomes the servant to Prince Arthur (Bradley James). The two very quickly become best friends. Unknown to them, their fates have always been intertwined with each other. By being at his side, Merlin helps Arther turn into the great King and Legend he is eventually known as.

3. Vikings

One of the most badass shows ever made has to be Vikings! The battle sequences in this show are some of the best ever made. It gets your adrenaline going and has you on the edge of your seat with every second you watch it! If you give this one a try be ready to never want to turn the tv off.

Vikings Show Description

The story of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) is one that will never be forgotten. Known as one of the greatest heroes and Vikings to ever be alive, Ragnar manages to rise from a family man to becoming a loved then hated King. He led his fellow Vikings to an unimaginable amount of treasure. Ragnar is never one to sit out a battle and proves himself to be nearly invincible. However, this power of his may also end up being his downfall. Though, when that time does inevitably come, he has multiple sons to follow in his steps and become great Kings.

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4. The Handmaid’s Tale

Though you may not immediately think of this one when looking for shows like The Witcher it definitely gives you the same vibe. It’s an extremely intense show that really gets you invested in the story!

The Handmaid’s Tale Show Description

Life for women in the dystopia of Gilead isn’t by any stretch of the imagination easy. Ruled by a fundamentalist society, Gilead treats women as property of the State and nothing more. With the world facing a quickly dropping birthrate, the few fertile women left are used and forced into sexual fortitude in a last-ditch effort of repopulating the world. However, one woman named Offred (Elisabeth Moss) plans on surviving, fighting back, and reuniting with her child who had been taken from her.

5. The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance

Oh man if you watched the original Dark Crystal then you are probably stoked that Netflix came out with this one! It’s what we deserved! If you haven’t seen this show then you have to give it a watch!

The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance Show Description

In the mystical world of Thra, three young Gelfling make a disturbing and dark discovery behind Skeksis’ power. Now knowing this secret, they set out on an epic and treacherous journey to light the fires of rebellion in order to save their world. They only have one chance at this and can’t afford any mistakes.

6. Carnival Row

A show with mystical creatures like Fairies. Hell yes! Not only that but Cara Delevingne is also in it! It’s a very entertaining show and has a good amount of eerie mystery that will keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Carnival Row Show Description

A detective named Rycroft (Orlando Bloom) begins a dangerous affair with fairy Vignette (Cara Delevingne) in a Victorian fantasy world. Even with human society looking down on creatures such as Vignette, Rycroft still risks everything to be with her. However, Vignette has kept a secret that may put Rycroft and his case in danger. Multiple gruesome murders begin to threaten the already fickle peace in Carnival Row. As Rycroft continues to investigate he discovers a monster no one saw coming.

7. His Dark Materials

To finally wrap up our list of shows like The Witcher we have a magical action-packed adventure. You’ll run through the season extremely quickly if you end up watching this! Sadly there’s only one season so far.

His Dark Material Show Description

A young girl named Lyra comes from another world in search of a close friend who has been kidnapped. Her search has led her to a secret organization with an evil plot. She’ll discover extraordinary beings during her journey and must also keep some dark secrets which could put people in danger. However, she is determined to rescue her friend.

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