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Where Was Lost In Space Filmed?

If you love anything to do with space then you most likely jumped right into watching this show after its release. We couldn’t wait for it to come out and let us tell you, it did not disappoint! It was everything we ever wanted in a space show and more! Sadly, there isnt a season 2 anywhere in sight as of now. But that doesn’t take away from the fact of how good the first season was. One of the things you may have noticed is the incredible scenery that the show-makers used to film Lost In Space.

Which brings us to the reason why you have landed on this page. You must be on the search for all the stunning locations that you took notice of while watching the show. Well, if you have questions like, “Where was Lost In Space filmed?” then you have definitely come to the right place. We have gathered all the information on the crazy locations that made an appearance on the show. So if that sound like something that interests you then just keep on reading to have you questions answered!

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Lost In Space Filming Locations

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Okay, so where was Lost In Space filmed!? And how did producers manage to make it look like an alien planet!? Well, we’ll start off with a short and broader answer if you just want a quick answer and nothing more. Producers decided to film the show in the beautiful country of Canada. If you want some more details on the matter then just keep on reading to find out more.

Locations Used In Canada

So, where in Canada specifically did producers decide to shoot this show to create some of these spectacular scenes. Well, most filming took place in Vancouver, British Columbia! For nearly the entirety of the show, producers used two main locations to film. Squamish, British Columbia, Canada ended up as one of those locations. They also used Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada as well. They also used a studio near these locations for a good chunk of filming too.

Other than this they didn’t use any other locations. But as you could see they really didnt have to as these provided some epic shots. We hope we have answered all your questions regarding the locations used for the filming of Lost In Space!

Scene from Lost In Space for where was Lost In Space filmed post.
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