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Highest Rated Movies On Netflix

Who doesn’t love Netflix?! It has become one of the best and most popular streaming services out there. One of the major reasons for this is the incredible selection of movies the service offers. We all know the process of picking something to watch on Netflix. We all have different moods which lead us to different films or shows that we end up watching. Instead of you having to search through the abundance of movies Netflix provides we have done that for you! We have gathered some of the highest-rated movies on Netflix which will keep you glued to the couch or bed for hours.

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It was no easy task condensing all the wonderful movies they have onto this list. But you will find a little bit of everything on here for all the different moods you may have! This list has everything from gagsters to a beautifully sad movie of a marriage falling apart. It truly won’t disappoint. So with no further commentary, please enjoy this list of the highest-rated movies on Netflix that you absolutely have to watch.

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1. The Irishman

For the first of the highest rated movies on Netflix, we’re starting with a newer film! First off, the actors in this movie should be enough of a reason to watch it! If you are into mobster type movies then you absolutely have to give this one a watch.

The Irishman Movie Description

A truck driver named Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro) comes into contact with Russell Bufalino (Joe Pesci). Frank begins working for Russell and his Pennsylvania crime family. Over time, Frank starts making his way up in status within the crime family. He becomes one of the family’s top hitman to ever be involved with them. The skills he acquired fighting in World War II have definitely contributed to getting him to this position. As Frank continues working for Russell, he also joins up with Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino), a well-known Teamster who has his hand deep into organized crime.

2. Black Panther

Black Panther without a doubt had to be on this list. The movie is everything you could ever want in a superhero film. You most likely may have already seen it but it’s the type of movie you can watch multiple times and still enjoy it to the fullest.

Black Panther Movie Description

T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) must return home and claim his right to the throne after the passing of his father, the previous king to Wakanda. Unbeknown to T’achalla a powerful enemy makes his way to challenge him to the throne and to the right of being the Black Panther. The two must battle it out and whoever comes on top may sit on the throne. When his foe proves to be too powerful, T’achalla suffers defeat, losing Wakanda and the throne. When the fate of Wakanda is threatened, T’Challa must return stronger to defeat his enemy and claim his rightful spot on the throne and as the Black Panther.

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3. Incredibles 2

And now the movie everyone waited 10 damn years for! Incredibles 2 finally delivered the movie we have all been yearning for. Even though it took so long the wait was definitely worth it and it’s quite obvious as to why its one of the highest-rated movies on Netflix.

Incredibles 2 Movie Description

Winston Deavor plans to bring the love for superheroes back to the world. And it all starts with Elastigirl. He hires Elastigirl to fight crime and make the public fall in love with her again. For this to work though, Mr. Incredible must do one of the most challenging things he’s ever faced. He must stay at home and take care of Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. Mr. Incedible struggles every day hanging on to barely stay awake. All the while a new and dangerous enemy named Screenslaver emerges. He plans to take all heroes under her control to make sure the world continues to despise them.

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4. Rounders

Here we have a Matt Damon classic. There are just some movies that people should be required to watch and Rounders is one of those films. If you like movies revolving around poker and gambling then give this one a go!

Rounders Movie Description

Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) manages to lose all his money in a poker game he played against a Russian gangster named Teddy (John Malkovich). Understandably upset, Mike’s girlfriend, Jo (Gretchen Mol), makes him promise that he will stop gambling once and for all. It doesn’t take long for Mike to break that promise.

When his friend Lester Murphy (Edward Norton) is released from prison, Mike must help him gather money to pay off some old debts. As the two get close to acquiring the full amount of money they need, they are caught cheating. All hope seems lost but when Mike finds out the money is owed to Teddy, he takes one last gamble at the shot of beating the Russian gangster.

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5. Catch Me If You Can

Both Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks in the same movie! What more could you ask for! The two actors do a phenomenal job in this movie and it’s definitely an all-time great which you have to watch.

Catch Me If You Can Movie Description

Managing to work as a doctor, a lawyer, and as a co-pilot for a major airline before the age of 18, Frank Abagnale, Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio) has mastered the art of deception. Frank is also known as the most successful bank robber in history. However, because of his lifestyle, Frank is always on the run and right behind him is FBI Agent Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks). Carl has made it his goal to apprehend and put Frank behind bars. He will stop at nothing until he catches him.

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6. The Departed

If you want an intense and thrilling movie then you have to give this one a watch. Simply looking at the cast will let you know how great this movie is! If you want some gang and police action then give this one a go.

The Departed Movie Description

Boston cop Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio)  must go undercover to infiltrate Frank Costello’s (Jack Nicholson) gang organization. Over time, Billy manages to gain the mobster’s trust. But his work may all be unraveled when Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) who works for Frank, infiltrates the police department. Not too long after, the two organizations learn that they have a mole in their ranks. Both Billy and Colin must fight against time to learn each other’s identities in order to save their own lives.

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7. Marriage Story

Adam Driver completely blows everyone out of the water with his performance in this. You would never guess that this guy is Kylo Ren in the Star Wars films. Some actors just aren’t good enough to switch roles this drastically but Adam most definitely is. You may shed some tears on this one, just a warning.

Marriage Story Movie Description

Director Charlie Barber (Adam Driver) and his actor wife Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) begin growing apart as their careers and goals begin interfering with their marriage. Eventually, divorce seems as the only option left for the two of them. They initially decide to handle the divorce very amicably with no drama for the sake of their son. But legal agendas and perspectives pose a serious challenge for the two. Soon after they must make a cross-country move and lifestyle changes which may be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

8. Hell or High Water

Last but not least for the highest rated movies on Netflix, we have one hell of a heist movie. The movie really does a great job of forming a connection between you and the characters. It makes you wonder how far you are willing to go to provide for your family.

Hell or High Water Movie Description

Trying to make a better life for his son, divorced father Toby (Chris Pine) and his convict brother Tanner (Ben Foster), plan a heist against the bank going after their family ranch. The job won’t be easy as Texas Ranger Marcus (Jeff Bridges) will stop at nothing to catch them. As the two siblings begin planning their final robbery, they must also prepare for a final confrontation with Marcus who won’t retire before his job is done.

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