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Most Rewatchable Movies

Most rewatchable movies require quite a few things to make them worth watching again. Tons of movies can be classified as incredible, however, they aren’t always rewatchable. Usually, most action movies wouldn’t be in the category of being able to rewatch them multiple times and still enjoy them. There are a few exceptions like The Matrix, Terminator, and Die Hard. These are just a couple of exceptions. But usually, rewatchable movies have an unforgettable story and provide a slew of different emotions. One of the important ones being humor. So you’ll find a few of these re-watchable movies being hilarious animations.

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Now, we have done our best to compile an epic list of the best and most rewatchable movies you can watch more than a few times and still not be bored with them. You should recognize all the movies on this list as they are some of the best films ever made as well! You’ll also recognize that these movies also have some of the most iconic scenes in the cinema world. You simply can’t go wrong watching these films over and over again. So go grab your movie watching essentials and just keep on scrolling to see what phenomenal movies we have in store for you.

1. Forrest Gump

Without a doubt, this movie right here is one of the most rewatchable movies to ever be released. You simply cannot get tired of they oh so loved Forrest Gump. It’s an amazing story that you can watch over and over again.

Forrest Gump Movie Description

 Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) has never thought he has a disadvantage in life. His mother has played a big role in this always supporting him and giving him the chance to live an unrestricted life. He had nothing but adventure in his life. He has been a college football star, fought in a war, and he has even been the captain of a shrimping boat. He has inspired people all around the world with his glass half full outlook on life. However, there is one person who is capable of making his life spiral out of control. That is his childhood love, Jenny (Robin Wright).

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2. Shrek

The big green ogre definitely had to make it onto this list. This goes for all the Shrek movies. At any point, you can just put this movie on your screen and immediately make your day better. You just can’t go wrong with Shrek!

Shrek Movie Description

Living his peaceful life of solitude in a swamp far away, Shrek the ogre isn’t pleased when his quiet swamp is invaded by relentlessly annoying fairytale characters. The evil Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow) had banished them from his kingdom leaving them no choice but to go to this swamp. Shrek wants to save their home but more importantly his. So he makes a deal with Farquaad and sets off on his quest to rescue Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) for her to be the lord’s wife. However, the princess has some dark secrets that will make this mission significantly harder.

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3. The Shawshank Redemption

Here we have another stunning classic. The Shawshank Redemption has one of the best and captivating stories you’ll ever watch. Because of this, it makes it a super rewatchable movie.

The Shawshank Redemption Movie Description

Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) has been convicted for the murder of his wife and her lover. He must serve two consecutive life terms at one of the toughest prisons there is. But, Andy knows he was wrongfully accused and didn’t kill anyone. The problem is that no one believes him. While serving his time, Andy befriends Red (Morgan Freeman), lives through horrifying experiences, learns to adapt and change, and even helps the warden. All of this and more in the span of 19 years.

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4. Monsters Inc.

Just like Shrek, this movie can be watched 1,000,000 times and you’ll never get bored of it. It’s a feel-good movie that will have you smiling and enjoying life every time you watch the whole thing through. It’s always a good time watching Monsters, Inc.

Monsters Inc. Movie Description

James P. Sullivan (John Goodman) works as one of the top scarers at the largest scare factory in the monster world called Monsters Incorporated. Sully is a massive, intimidating, blue furry monster with purple spots covering him as well. His best friend and roommate Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) is a small, funny-looking, and green one-eyed monster. Their daily routine is thrown out the door when Boo (Mary Gibbs), a human makes it through to the monster world which has never happened before.

5. The Incredibles

The movie we had to wait a lifetime to get a sequel too, is also one of the most rewatchable movies ever made. That goes for The Incredibles 2 as well. It should be pretty obvious as to why this is on this list. It’s simply amazing.

The Incredibles Movie Description

Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) and Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) are married and are very well-known superheroes. However, due to an accident, the government has deemed all superhero activities illegal. This leaves the two heroes forced to live boring and normal lives. Though Mr. Incredible loves his wife and kids to the end of the world, he still longs for the day he gets to go back out and save the world. When the chance to get back into action arises, he takes it and makes his way to an island to battle a robot that is dangerous and out of control. It isn’t long before he finds himself in danger, leaving it up to his family to save him.

6. Finding Nemo

There seems to be a trend with some of these movies and that’s that they are produced by Pixar! That studio has really nailed making movies that you can rewatch and continue to enjoy, and Finding Nemo is one of them!

Finding Nemo Movie Description

Marlin (Albert Brooks), a clownfish, and father to his son Nemo (Alexander Gould) has always been overprotective of him trying to keep him safe as best he could. Nemo also has a foreshortened fin. Due to this, he wanted to prove himself that he can do just as much as anyone else even with this disability. To do so he decides to swim close to the surface of the ocean where he ends up captured by a diver. His terrified dad sets off on an epic adventure where he meets a blue reef fish with a bad memory who joins him on the dangerous quest to find his beloved son.

7. The Lion King

If Lion King wasn’t on this list then it would be an incomplete list. Everyone knows the Lion King and everyone loves it. You can just put it on your TV and everyone around you will stop what they are doing to watch it! That’s how good this movie is.

The Lion King Movie Description

Mufasa (James Earl Jones) a fierce lion rules the wild and leads everyone as well as he can. His son Simba (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), the heir to the throne, will not have an easy life. Simba’s evil uncle Scar (Jeremy Irons) has plans to overthrow the king and take the throne for himself. He leads Mufasa and Simba into a stampede of Wildebeest leaving Mufasa stuck in the ravine inevitably being trampled to death. However, Simba escapes and is deemed dead by Scar as he takes over the kingdom. But when Simba returns as an adult, hope is brought back to the kingdom and it all leads to a final epic battle against his murderous uncle.

8. Jurassic Park

For the final film on our list of the most rewatchable movies, we have the OG Jurassic Park! You can easily watch dinosaurs wreak havoc multiple times and not get bored of it! This movie has also provided us with some very iconic moments that will be remembered for quite some time!

Jurassic Park Movie Description

Chosen to tour a theme park which is populated by dinosaurs and located on a remote island, paleontologists Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) along with mathematician Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) are in for the adventure of a lifetime. Behind the creation of the park is billionaire John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) who assures everyone the park is completely safe. However, when the flesh-eating giants escape their cages, they go on the hunt leaving everyone in grave danger.

Scene from Shrek for most rewatchable movies post.
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