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Scene from Incredibles 2 for Incredibles 2 Easter Eggs post.

10 Best Incredibles 2 Easter Eggs Even Hard Core Fans Missed

Scene from Incredibles 2 for Incredibles 2 Easter Eggs post.

Best Incredibles 2 Easter Eggs

Fourteen years later we all finally get what we have been waiting for! The Incredibles 2! Y’all don’t even understand how excited we all were when the first preview for the movie came out! And boy did the film deliver! It was amazing! Not only was it a great movie but it also has tons of Easter eggs in it! Before we get to the Incredibles 2 Easter eggs – if you haven’t watched this film yet then you are utterly missing out! So go and watch it if you haven’t then come back to this post! However, if you have and are wondering what Incredibles 2 Easter eggs you may have missed, then continue reading and enjoy this list we put together for you!

1. The Painting in Elastigirl’s Hotel Room

Maybe you noticed the painting in Elastigirl’s hotel room or perhaps you didn’t. Regardless, this piece of art possesses a lot more meaning behind it than meets the eye! The painting actually depicts the entire Parr family! Each figure is one of the members of the family with Elastigirl being the farthest away from everyone else. This is meant to represent her being away from the family on her mission. Definitely a very well hidden and meaningful Easter egg!

2. The Incredibles Watch Real Life TV Shows

So, who noticed what shows were playing on the TV in the giant mansion that the Parr’s were staying in? Well, the shows that are playing are actually real life cartoons! The two shows are The Outer Limits and Jonny Quest which both aired in the 1960s. Some believe that this hints at the time period the Incredibles is set! If it does, then the movie takes place between 1964 and 1965!

3. “Doing Our Part!” Poster In Bob’s Mementos

Who remembers this poster from the first Incredibles movie!? It first appeared in Bob’s trophy room back in the Incredibles. Now, you can see it for a brief second among his mementos when they move into the new house!

4. The Luxo Ball

Ah, the good old Luxo Ball! This ball has made its appearance in just about every single Pixar movie! You have to have a good eye to catch this one! If you look on Jack Jacks crib, you can see the well-known ball balanced on a seals nose!

5. A113 Appears

Here we have another Easter egg that has made it into all the Pixar films! This easter egg is a reference to the Cal-Arts classroom in which many Pixar founders and creators studied! You can see it multiple times throughout the movie, but one of the more noticeable ones is on the movie theater marquee pictured above!

6. Poltergeist Reference

Who has watched Poltergeist!? If you have, then you may have noticed the little nod towards the film that was added in the Incredibles 2! While Jack-Jack is watching TV, he disappears into another dimension leaving only the TV remote behind. His voice can only be heard on the TV. This is reminiscent of the scene in Poltergeist when Carol ends up stuck in another dimension, and the only way the family can communicate with her is through the TV static! It’s a subtle Easter egg but a good one nevertheless!

7. Pizza Planet Truck

The ever famous Pizza Planet truck made it into the Incredibles 2! Unlike the first Incredibles which didn’t include this glorious Easter egg, it quickly made an appearance in this film! Well known throughout the Pixar universe, this truck made a quick and sneaky appearance in the movie! You can spot it when Elastigirl is chasing The Screen Slaver and jumps out of a building landing on the ground! It’s fantastic that they decided to add this Easter egg back in!

8. The Safari Inn

If this location seems familiar to you, it’s because it is! This is a real location in the real world! Well, the name is a little different in the movie but other than that they are both nearly the same! The actual hotel is located in Burbank California and is named the Safari Inn! The hotel has also made appearances in other movies too!

9. Chinese Takeout Containers

Another familiar sight in the movie is the symbol on the Chinese takeout you see when the Parr family is eating together! This symbol has made an appearance in several other Pixar movies! Some of these movies are A Bugs Life, Toy Story, Ratatouille, and Inside Out! Definitely a harder one to catch so it wouldn’t surprise us if you missed it!

10. Bob’s Insuricare Mug

A neat little reminder of Bob’s past life is his coffee mug! If you look close enough, you can see that it’s from Insuricare! The horrible old job which he used to work at! You would think with his experience at that job he would have thrown away any sort of memory of that place!

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