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Scene from Black Panther for Black Panther Easter Eggs post.

12 Best Black Panther Easter Eggs

Scene from Black Panther for Black Panther Easter Eggs post.

Best Black Panther Easter Eggs

Wakanda forever! We all have to admit that Black Panther is one of the best standalone Marvel movies to date! The film had so much in it! Some of which you may not have caught! So, you are here wondering which Black Panther Easter eggs you may have missed. Well, we have 12 of the best Black Panther easter eggs that you may have not caught the first time! The list ranges from cameos to direct comic book references! So, if Easter eggs interest you, we would definitely recommend you continue reading! You won’t regret it!

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1. Stan Lee, ‘The Thirsty Gambler’

If a Marvel movie doesn’t have a Stan Lee cameo, is it really a Marvel movie!? Once again Stan Lee makes a quick and funny appearance. This time you will catch him in the casino as a thirsty gambler. If you check out the cast for the movie on IMDB, they actually have him listed under “Thirsty Gambler”!

2. Kill Monger’s Mask

All you comic book fans are sure to have caught this one! When Killmonger is breaking Ulysses Klaue out of captivity, he uses a mask that may look familiar. The mask is a direct reference to a battle he had with Black Panther earlier in the comics! You can find the mask in the volume #4 2008 Black Panther comics!

3. Another White Boy To Fix

When Everett Ross takes a bullet for Nakia, he stands no chance of surviving if he stays where he lies as the real world doesn’t have the technology to save him. Luckily, by taking the bullet, he proves to the king that he is, in fact, a “good guy”. This action earns him passage into Wakanda where the technology to save and fully heal him is available. When they arrive in Wakanda and take him to Shuri, she exclaims, “Great, another broken white boy for us to fix.” So, who is the other white boy she is talking about? Well, it’s Bucky! If you remember, in Captian America: Civil War, Shuri had Bucky left in her care!

4. The Pan-African Flag

For all you geography nerds out there, what do the colors that the three heroes [T’Challa, Nakia, and Okoye] are wearing remind you of? Well, they seem awfully similar to the Pan-African flag, don’t they? That’s because they are! The flag consists of three colors set in 3 horizontal lines, red, black, and green. A very cool Easter egg paying respect to the Pan-African flag!

5. What Are Those!

All of you know about the infamous “What are those” meme right!? Well, it seems like Shuri sure does! While T’challa is walking around the lab and asks “What are these?” Shuri responds with, “The real question is, what are those!?” while she points to T’challa’s sandals, roasting the king! This leads us into the next Black Panther Easter egg!

6. Back To The Future

Right after Shuri makes fun of T’challa’s shoes, she presents him with some badass replacements! If you pay close attention, they may look a little familiar to those that Marty McFly had in Back To The Future 2! Shuri even refers to the movie and says, “Like the old American movie Baba used to watch”. This definitely made for a very cool Easter egg!

7. Wakanda’s “Mount Bashenga”

The name Mount Bashenga has more meaning behind it than you may know! The origins of the name actually date back over a million years! The name refers to the first King of Wakanda to take up the mantle of the Black Panther. His name was indeed Bashenga! Definitely, some very cool backstory to the mountain’s name and you can even learn more in the comics!.

8. Young King T’Chaka

Who else thinks that the two actors playing T’Chaka look incredibly similar!? If you’re like most, you may have guessed that it’s the work of CGI. However, it’s not CGI at all! They are actually father and son playing the same character. Atandwa Kani plays young T’chaka, while his father John Kani plays the older version of the late king! So there you go! That is the reason for their incredible similarity!

9. Dragon Ball Armor

This one is for all you Dragon Ball fans out there! When many people saw Killmonger in this armor, one thought came to mind, Vegeta! If you watch Dragon Ball, you know exactly how similar this looks to Vegeta’s own armor! Michael B. Jordan has admitted to being a Dragon Ball fan too! So this can’t be a coincidence.

10. Princess Leia Throwback

Any Star Wars fans here? If you are, you should have been quick to catch this one! Did you notice a similar hairstyle in the earlier scenes of Black Panther? When Shuri wears her hair in two buns at the side of her head, it alludes to Princess Leia in Star Wars A New Hope!

11. T’Challa’s death, Just Like The Comics

Another Easter egg reference to the comics that made it into the film is when Killmonger throws T’challa off the waterfall in their challenge battle. If you are a Black Panther comic book fan, then you knew that whatever took place on that waterfall wouldn’t end well for T’challa, and you were right. This serves as another neat direct reference to an iconic image of the comics!

12. The White Wolf

Is the White Wolf coming to fruition!? At the end of Black Panther in a post-credit scene, the viewers see that Bucky has fully recovered. The children of Wakanda go around calling him the White Wolf! The character makes appearances in the Black Panther comics and is an absolute badass! So, if you read the comics, you’ll understand why we want this character to make an appearance on screen!

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