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Movies Like The Matrix

We believe everyone is familiar with The Matrix films. After all, they are some of the best sci-fi movies out there! If you are here, then The Matrix movies most likely left you with a thirst for some more incredible movies just like it. So we have done our due diligence to compile a list of movies like The Matrix for you to go binge on for a few days.

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The movies which have made this list provide you with that same thrilling and mind-bending feeling you get when watching The Matrix series. All these films bring you insane fictional realities that make you question your own. So just keep scrolling to find out all the different movies like The Matrix you have missed out on!

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1. 2001: A Space Odyssey

First up on this list of movies like The Matrix we have a space adventure that is sure to leave your mind blown! If we found clues which pointed to some alien beings watching over Earth would you be excited or terrified!? We would be both! If you are looking for a great space film give this one a go.

2001: A Space Odyssey Movie Description

A strange discovery has been made beneath the surface of the moon. A black monolith lies beneath the moon’s surface. Curiosity rises as everybody scrambles to find out what it could possibly mean for the human race. When a connection is made between the monolith and the evolution of mankind, a mission launches holding some of the most capable astronauts to go and find out more about this mystery. Everyone aboard the S.S. Discovery is in for a treacherous and mind-bending journey as they attempt to figure out who has been watching over Earth.

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2. Blade Runner

Next up we have a Harrison Ford classic. This is one of the movies which made this man’s name known all over the globe! With the non-stop action and great story, it makes every second of this film worth a watch.

Blade Runner Movie Description

Having his hand forced by  police Boss (M. Emmet Walsh), Deckard (Harrison Ford) must continue to do the job he excels at. As one of the best Replicant Hunter’s out there, Deckard’s new mission is to hunt down four escapees that belong to colonies that recently returned to Earth. But when Deckard meets Rachel (Sean Young), a replicant girl, everything begins to change.

3. 12 Monkeys

You already know it’s going to be one hell of a film when both Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis star in it! Would you go back in time to try and uncover information about a plague which nearly wiped out the entire population or would you accept your fate?

12 Monkeys Movie Description

James Cole (Bruce Willis) quickly learns that traveling back in time comes with its consequences. While serving time in prison in the 2030’s James is approached with a mission that will send him back 40 years into the 1990’s. Himself, Jeffrey (Brad Pitt), and Dr. Kathryn Railly (Madeleine Stowe) must find out what they can about a plague that has killed off most of the Earths population. This may be humanity’s last chance of survival.

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4. Source Code

This technology would serve as a game-changer for crime-fighting if it really existed. Being able to view someone’s last moments before their death is an insane concept that makes for a great film!

Source Code Movie Description

Part of a highly secret program, Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal), has the ability to experience the last minutes Sean Fentress had to live on this Earth before dying in a commuter train explosion. Colter must acquire as much information as possible in those last few minutes in an attempt to identify the bomber in order to prevent similar events from occurring. Colter quickly becomes certain that he can prevent this bombing from happening as he lives through Sean’s final minutes.

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5. Inception

Have you ever had a dream inside of a dream or even had a lucid dream? Well, this film brings those crazy experiences to your screen! The movie will leave you mind-blown at the possible things that you can do in dreams!

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Inception Movie Description

Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) isn’t an ordinary thief. He’s known as an exactor. He and his team infiltrate dreams to steal the target’s deepest secrets. This job has cost Cobb everything he loves in life. After failing his last job, he is approached with an offer that may lead him to redemption. But if he fails he may find himself stuck in limbo, a state which has no escape and hovers outside the dream world and consciousness.

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6. The Terminator

It wouldn’t be a complete list of movies like The Matrix if The Terminator wasn’t on here! Other than killer robots taking over the world attempting to exterminate humans, what else is there to say!

The Terminator Movie Description

A human-looking cyborg known as a Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has the task of killing a girl named Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton). For this it must travel back in time from 2029 to 1984. Sarah Connor holds major importance in the future so Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) is also sent back in time to protect her and kill the Terminator. Skynet, the creators of the artificial intelligence which brought the human being to its knees, has put this target on Sarah, due to her unborn son leading a revolution against the machines. If Kyle fails in protecting Sarah that may just be the end of the human race.

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7. Primer

If you accidentally create a time machine one day this movie will make you think twice before deciding to use it! It makes you question if time travel is possible one day then is it even worth it?

Primer Movie Description

Aaron (Shane Carruth), Abe (David Sullivan),  Robert (Casey Gooden), and Phillip (Anand Upadhyaya) build and sell technology that checks for errors. However, one day Aaron and Abe believe that they have created a time machine by accident. Once they have figured out how to make it transport humans they begin to test the device. But as the two engineers will quickly find out, their actions have some major consequences.

8. The Thirteenth Floor

Of all the possible movies like The Matrix, this is probably the most similar to the actual film. Now, people did receive this movie with different opinions both good and bad. But mostly because people believed it was trying to steal from The Matrix. But we do believe it’s worth a watch as it is quite a mind-boggling film!

The Thirteenth Floor Movie Description

On a regular day, computer scientist Douglas Hall (Craig Bierko) wakes up and finds a bloody shirt laying around his house. He also learns his boss Hannon Fuller (Armin Mueller-Stahl) had been murdered the night before. He begins wondering whether he murdered him or not. But for some reason, he can’t remember a single thing. Douglas quickly becomes the primary suspect. The two had been working on a virtual reality together and Hannon had made an incredible discovery before his murder. As Douglas tries to understand what happened he begins making discoveries that make his question his reality.

9. Ready Player One

For the last of the movies like The Matrix, we have the most recently released film on this list. Ready Player One really pushed the boundaries of a beautiful virtual reality world. This film actually makes you want to leave the real world and experience something crazy like this.

Ready Player One Movie Description

In 2045 the world has overpopulated and made existing in it miserable. People now prefer to spend their lives in a virtual reality world known as the OASIS. The creator of the world, James Halliday, has recently passed away leaving an Easter egg for people to search for that grants them full control of the OASIS and all its riches. A kid named Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) decided to join in the search for the Easter egg and end up being one of the first people to make a breakthrough in its search. With corporations after the hidden egg as well, if Wade doesn’t get to it first, the OASIS may be turned into something it was never meant to be.

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Scene from Ready Player One for movies like The Matrix post.
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