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Where Was Aquaman Filmed

If you are here you must be asking the question, where was Aquaman filmed. But before we get to that, first things first. If for some odd reason you haven’t seen this film yet, then that should be a priority. But more likely than not if you clicked on this article then you must have given it a watch and are wondering where some of the incredible scenery in this film is located in the real world. The spectacular scenery of this movie adds to how good the film is. Some of the locations you see in the movie are simply jaw-dropping.

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Luckily for you, we have done some research and have compiled a list of all the locations which film-makers used to film Aquaman. So let’s get on with it and answer your most pressing question, where was Aquaman filmed?

Aquaman Filming Locations?

First, we’ll start off with some of the more broad locations used such as which countries are featured in the film. Producers ended up filming a lot of the film in Australia. That’s because the studio they used was located there. However, the film-makers shot some of the more stunning scenes in Canada, Morocco, and surprisingly, not Italy (We’ll get into that at the end). If you want some more exact locations of the movie’s production then just keep on scrolling.

Locations Used In Australia

Most of Aquaman’s production took place here. More specifically in Australia’s Gold Coast of Queensland. As you could imagine a large part of the movie was in fact filmed in a studio. The studio which producers used is Village Roadshow Studios. In some of the flashbacks while Aquaman is training you get a look at a pristine beach with some incredible rock formations emerging from the water. Sadly these formations aren’t real but the beautiful beach itself is. Producers used Currumbin Beach as one of the beaches that makes a few appearances.

One of the more beautiful locations in the film is Arthur Curry’s home. For scenes that take place at the lighthouse with the spectacular view, producers used Hastings Point (New South Wales) for that. The last few locations used in Australia include Amity Point, North Stradbroke Island, Southport, Queensland, and Main Beach, Queensland.

Locations Used In Morocco

Though film-makers didn’t use many locations in Morocco it’s still worth a mention as it is quite a beautiful country. There are only two locations that producers used during their time in Morocco. Merzouga and Erfoud were the two locations used for filming that took place in Morocco.

Locations Used In Canada

Canada also played a minor role in the production of Aquaman. While filming in Canada producers used Newfoundland and Labrador for some of the movie’s production. Other than this not much took place in Canada for the filming of this movie.

What Happened To Filming In Italy?

So, did any of the filming in Aquaman take place in Italy? The short answer is no. Though producers and the crew were meant to go film in the beautiful country, it didn’t exactly work out due to multiple different reasons. Most noticeably economic reasons for the film. Though filming didn’t take place in Italy itself it is very apparent that producers took quite a lot of inspiration from the country while using CGI to create the cities in the movie.

That pretty much wraps it up for all the locations used for Aquaman’s production. We hope that we managed to answer all your questions regarding the filming locations for Aquaman! If we happen to miss something then you can shoot us an email!

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