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Best Hacker Movies

With technology essentially running the world as we know it, hackers have become more prevalent in the modern-day. Not only is the subject interesting but it makes for some very intense hacker movies that’ll keep your eyes glued to the screen for hours on end.

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Hacker movies fill you with a different type of fear, a fear fueled by anxiety as you learn that it can be relatively easy for a skilled hacker to hack anyone they want and extract any information they want. The anxiety really begins to set in when you realize that there is a possibility that you could have to deal with someone hacking you one day! But, as you’ll learn with the films listed, not all hackers are criminals! We have some incredible hacker movie picks listed here that we know you’ll enjoy. Just keep on scrolling to see what we have in store for you.

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1. Citizenfour

Starting off our hacker movies list we have a documentary made by Edward Snowden himself! He exposes the government’s illegal surveillance program and much more. It’s definitely a good way to start off this list.

Citizenfour Movie Description

Laura Poitras has received an email that will unravel one of the biggest conspiracies there has ever been. The email contains information on the U.S. government’s illegal surveillance program which gives them access to all the information of every person in the country. Laura and reporter Glenn Greenwald make their way to Hong Kong to meet up with the person who sent the email, Edward Snowden.

2. Snowden

Here we have another Snowden film but it’s a bit more fiction like to make it appealing to a larger audience while keeping the core of the movie true. Joseph Gordon-Levitt does an amazing job of portraying Snowden making it a movie you have to give a try.

Snowden Movie Description

Edward Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) begins to question whether he belongs in his current job in the National Security Agency. He has caught wind of some of the immoral and unjust things they have been running in secret. One of which is surveilling everyone in the country without permission. Struggling with what he should do, Snowden decides to leak the information he has come across about the surveillance program. Knowing he has just made a decision which could cost him his life, he tries to outrun the government who will stop at nothing to catch him.

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3. WarGames

Here we have an older movie but a quite good one, to say the least. Imagine thinking that you are playing a video game but are actually in the process of starting another world war! That’s one hell of a situation that this computer hacker finds himself in.

WarGames Movie Description

David Lightman (Matthew Broderick) manages to hack into a military supercomputer while searching for some video games to play before they release to the public. After the hack is complete, David launches a game known as Global Thermal Nuclear War, where he unknowingly makes the computer activate the nation’s arsenal of nuclear weapons. David begins to realize that he isn’t playing a game at all but instead about to start World War III. Now, with the help of his girlfriend (Ally Sheedy) he must find a way to alert officials in an attempt to reverse his mistakes.

4. Sneakers

Here we have another hacking movie classic! It always seems as though the NSA always ends up being the bad guys in these movies! If you haven’t seen this one then give it a watch.

Sneakers Movie Description

Martin (Robert Redford), a computer hacker, leads a team of highly-trained specialists to test the security of companies around the San Francisco area. Due to his impressive skills two National Security agents approach him with a job to steal a decoder that has recently been created. Martin and his team quickly realize just how powerful and dangerous the decoder can be if it comes across the wrong person. Not too long after, Martin finds out the two men are actually rogue agents from the NSA with malicious intent. The agents then frame Martin for the murder of the decoder’s inventor putting his life in danger. Now, Martin must find a way to clear his name and prove his innocence.

5. Live Free or Die Hard

Last on our list of hacker movies we have a Bruce Willis staple! Everybody knows about the Die Hard series, this one just happens to revolve around an evil hacker! Expect a ton of bone-crunching action that will keep that heart rate of yours elevated!

Live Free or Die Hard Movie Description

With Independence Day coming up, John McClane (Bruce Willis), a well astound cop, prepares to work on another routine assignment. He must bring a computer hacker in for questioning. Meanwhile, a hacker terrorist known as Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant) orchestrates an attack on America’s computer infrastructure. The attack causes chaos and anarchy and McClane finds himself with little to no time to bring down Gabriel before he launches another attack.

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