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Thor going full god mode for Thor Ragnarok Easter Eggs post.

The 10 Best Thor Ragnarok Easter Eggs

Thor going full god mode for Thor Ragnarok Easter Eggs post.

Best Thor Ragnarok Easter Eggs

Thor Ragnarok gave us one of the funniest action-packed experiences Marvel has given us! If you are like us, then you are always paying close attention to see if you can find any hidden secrets that producers have added into the movie. Well, Thor Ragnarok definitely gave us lots of things to look out for! In this list, you will find 10 of the best Thor Ragnarok easter eggs that we believe you may have overlooked! If this interests you then keep reading on! You won’t regret it!

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1. Scrapper 142

Our first, neat, easter egg for this post has to do with the fierce Valkyrie, otherwise known as Scrapper 142. Funnily enough, this identifier isn’t just some random number! It’s a reference to when the character made her first appearance in the Comics! She made her debut in The Incredible Hulk #142! Unless you are an avid comic reader, this one is definitely a hard one to catch!

2. Hemsworth Brother

What if we told you that Chris Hemsworth’s brother made an appearance in this film? Whether you believe it or not, it’s true! Now, we aren’t talking about the relatively better known Liam Hemsworth. Instead, Luke Hemsworth the eldest of the brothers made his appearance during the play of a reenactment of Loki’s death! During the reenactment, Luke actually takes up the role of Thor!

3. Mjolnir In Disguise

Who else wondered why Thor would bring an umbrella on his journey to Earth!? Well, if you happen to not know, it’s actually Mjolnir! That’s right! He’s carrying around his hammer disguised as an umbrella! However, that’s not all. This is a wink to Thor’s older comics when he disguised himself as Donald Blake. Blake would carry around Mjolnir concealed as a walking cane which if he taps it twice on the ground it turns back into his hammer! The disguised Mjolnir is just another really cool reference that producers added into the movie..

4. Matt Damon

Well, who doesn’t love seeing Matt Damon randomly make an appearance as Loki!? Okay, not the actual Loki but instead an Asgardian actor taking the role of Loki for a show. This is the same scene that Chris Hemsworth’s brother makes an appearance! This scene definitely makes for some good cameos!

5. Throg

The mighty Throg makes an appearance! Well, sort of. If you don’t know Throg, he’s a comic book character in the Thor comics by Walter Simonson. Throg is Thor, but just in frog version! He even carries his hammer named Frogjoinir! So, how does this tie into Ragnarok? Well, once again, during the reenactment of Lokis death, Loki (Matt Damon) apologizes to Thor (Luke Hemsworth) for turning him into a frog. In turn, referencing the comics of Throg!

6. Past Champions

Did any of you notice all the champion heads on the Grandmasters tower? All of the heads on the tower are those of past champions that are characters in the comics! The heads belong to the Greek god Ares, Man-Thing, Beta Ray Bill, Bi-Beast, Fin Fang Foom, and Dark-Crawler!

7. Shady Acres

It seems like the Shady Acres care home has made a reappearance. The care home doesn’t only make an appearance in Thor: Ragnarok! It also shows up in Ace Ventura, South Park, Happy Gilmore, and even Grand theft Auto Vice City! Definitely making it one of the cooler easter eggs!

8. Eye Of Agamotto

Who noticed something a little strange about Doctor Strange? He is wearing the Eye Of Agamotto! This is a bit weird, as at the end of his film, Strange puts the Eye back into the vault due to him not believing he is ready to wear it. This must mean that between the two films, Strange has become much stronger than what he was at the end of his movie.

9. T-Shirt Forshadowing

For this one, you really need to pay close attention while watching the movie! If you notice the shirts that both Thor and Bruce Banner are wearing, they both foreshadow something that comes soon after! With Thor, earlier in the movie, you see that he is wearing green and purple, hinting to his fight with Hulk in the near future. On the other hand, Bruce Banner is wearing a Durran Durran shirt with the cover of their album RIO. One of their biggest songs is Hungry Like A Wolf. This alludes to the future fight between the Hulk and a massive wolf later in the movie!

10. Point Break

Who remembers Thor’s surfer dude style days!? Well, this is a little reference to when Tony gave Thor the nickname of Point Break due to his surfer style hair! When Thor tries to gain access to one of Tony’s Quinjets he finds himself in need of a password. So, obviously, the first thing that comes to him is “Strongest Avenger” referring to himself. After a few tries, he finally gets it right when he says “Point Break” alluding to Tony’s name for him.

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