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Scene from Logan for Logan easter eggs post.

Top 10 Logan Easter Eggs That You Didn’t ​Catch

Scene from Logan for Logan easter eggs post.

Top Logan Easter Eggs

So, sadly, the time for The Wolverine to end has come. However, the producers gifted us with a fantastic film to finish it all; Logan. Unlike the other Wolverine films, this one is rated R, but for a good reason. The producer wanted to make this a one of a kind film and didn’t want to be restricted by a PG-13 rating. And we’ve got to say, they made the right decision. The movie was stunningly beautiful and full of excitement!

There are also many Easter eggs and references to past movies! And that is why you have clicked onto this post. Below, we have gathered 10 interesting Easter eggs that you may not have caught! So, if you are a Wolverine fan and want to read about all the little mementos added into the film, then you’ve come to the right place! So please sit back, relax, and enjoy the list!

1. Freddy Krueger

After Logan kills the gang members who jacked his car, a man named Donald Pierce sets out to find him. When they first meet, Donald explains that the way the gang members were missing limbs, authorities thought the attacker was either an escaped tiger or Freddy Krueger. With a reference like this, it really makes you wonder who would win a fight between the two!

2. The Death Of Logan

So who remembers Yukio predicting Logan’s death in The Wolverine? Well, as it turns out, she was right! If you can remember, Yukio said that he would die with his heart in his hand. Well, little did we know that she would be right but in the metaphorical sense! When Logan dies, the camera pans down to his hand, and you see that he is holding Laura’s hand which represent his heart as she is his “daughter”.

3. The Reavers

The Reavers are a team of cybernetic humans well known in the comics, and now in Logan. However, unlike the comics, they appear to be more human than robot with only one or two robotic limbs. However, that doesn’t change the fact that they are still the Reavers.

4. Logan’s Dog Tags

In this film you can see Logan holding some dog tags that may seem familiar. That is because they are! He first acquired these tags in the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. These iconic tags seem to keep making appearances though Logan has thrown them away a few times! This is a fun little addition to the movie that you may not have noticed!

5. Shane

The movie Shane is of considerable importance in Logan. In the casino hotel room, you see Charles and Laura watching the film together. The gunslinger, played by Alan Ladd, is meant to represent Logan. The story of Shane centers around a man that is looking to settle down and leave his past behind. Logan takes a resemblance to the character as there are parallels between the two stories. Laura even repeats a line from the movie to Logan as he lay in his grave.

6. Greenwood Cemetery

If you believe that the cemetery at the beginning of the movie seems familiar, then you are correct! Because it is a well know place, sadly. The cemetery is actually very common in the Marvel comics. It has made appearances throughout multiple issues, such as The Fantastic Four and Deadpool. So it’s no wonder that Logan appears to want to get out of there as quickly as possible.

7. Logan’s License Plate

It is speculated that Logan’s license plate isn’t an ordinary license plate. But instead, it references issue #112 of the Uncanny X-Men. In this comic Magneto turns the entire X-Men team into children. This is similar to the events we witness in Logan as the movie revolves around mutant children that exhibit similar powers to those of the X-Men. If that really is the purpose of the license plate, then it is definitely a very cool Easter egg!

8. The Samurai Sword

This one is a little harder to notice in the film. If you look closely when Logan is walking around in his “house” or “bunker”, there is a katana hanging on the wall. This seems to be a reference to the movie The Wolverine. We didn’t catch this ourselves the first time watching the film. So, you may have to go back and watch it again for yourselves.

9. The Statue Of Liberty

This one here references the first X-Men. Charles tells Logan that Laura, or X-23, is waiting for him at the Statue Of Liberty. Logan replies that the events at the Statue of Liberty happened a long time ago. This is in reference to Wolverine’s first big fight with the X-Men.

10. The Adamantium Bullet

The Adamantium bullet is one of the only known projectiles able to kill the Wolverine. Logan carries an Adamantium bullet with him. He does this in the event that he needs to kill himself. At least that’s how he explains it to Laura.

This isn’t the first time that X-Men fans have seen the controversial bullet. We first saw it in X-Men Origins: Wolverine when Logan lost his memory after the bullet entered his skull. Though he was able to heal in that movie, that won’t work now. That’s because his powers to heal are failing him which, ironically, is being caused by the very metal that makes him impossible to kill. So, really, this bullet has the power to put him away for good. However, the bullet ends up finding a home in the head of Logan’s evil clone.

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