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Movies Like The Darkest Minds

Everyone has some sort of superpower they dream of having. It can be anything from reading minds to teleportation. At some point in life, you’ve probably wished to wake up one day and discover that you have amazing powers. Imagine if that was the case and you woke up one day with the ability to fly! That would be insane! Sadly, that’s not in the realm of possibilities currently. At least in the real world, but in movies, we can live vicariously through the people who do wake up with powers. That’s what The Darkest Minds gives us in a dystopian world.

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We love the film so much that we wanted to see what movies like The Darkest Minds are out there for our enjoyment. Gladly, to our surprise, there are quite a few. Not all the films on this list deal with superpowers directly. Some are set in a dystopian world where there is one special person who changes everything. But all of these are bound to catch your attention if you enjoyed The Darkest Minds. Also, some of these have multiple movies in the series that you can watch if you enjoyed them. Now, just grab your movie essentials and keep scrolling to see what movies like The Darkest Minds we have in store for you!

This list has all the Best Dystopian Movies.

1. The Maze Runner

Starting off this list of movies like The Darkest Minds we have one which would probably be our worst fear. Imagine waking up one day in a giant maze with no hope of escaping! It would be terrifying. However, it makes for a great movie! There are two more movies in the series as well!

The Maze Runner Movie Description

Thomas (Dylan O’Brien), wakes up disorientated in a massive labyrinth unsure about what happened. Just like the other teens that he finds himself among, he has no memory of his life before this. Thomas quickly makes his way up in status inside the group. He soon gets the title of “runner” with the skills he has demonstrated. He is now one of the few who go out of the safe zone to explore the constantly changing maze to find a way out. With the help of Teresa (Kaya Scodelario), he tries to convince everyone that he has found a way to escape the deadly maze.

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2. X-Men

Obviously we had to add X-Men to this list! A group of people with mutations that give them incredible powers! You can’t go wrong with watching this. You can also enjoy the other films in the series and standalone films of all the different heroes!

X-Men Movie Description

The next phase of human evolution has begun. Mutants now roam the earth among regular people. Each mutant has a unique genetic mutation that manifests into incredible powers once puberty is hit. The world around them doesn’t trust them causing mutants to hide in fear. Led by Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) a team of mutants known as the X-Men fight to protect the people who fear them. They must face a former friend known as Magneto (Ian McKellen) who believes humans and mutants should not co-exist.

3. Divergent

This seems like a pretty cool concept for a dystopian society. It would never work but it’s pretty cool just to see it on screen. If you want an action-packed adventure then give this one a watch!

Divergent Movie Description

In the future, society is divided into five different factions. Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) lives in this world and is about to enter adulthood. Once adulthood is reached each person must choose a faction and commit to it for the rest of their lives. Tris decides to commit to the Dauntless faction which pursues bravery. However, when she goes through her initiation she will make a discovery that will change her life. She finds out she’s a Divergent, someone who can’t just fit into one faction but would excel in all of them. She must hide this discovery as it puts her in danger. As time passes she discovers a sinister plot that threatens everything she loves.

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4. Chronicle

There’s no wonder as to why this is on our list of movies like The Darkest Minds. This is definitely a darker and grittier take on what could happen if someone gets powers. Not all people with powers turn out good!

Chronicle Movie Description

Andrew (Dane DeHaan) hasn’t had the easiest life as a teen. He’s an introvert and his way of escaping the world is by using his video camera. Things begin to change when Andrew, his cousin Matt (Alex Russell) and classmate Steve (Michael B. Jordan) come upon an unknown substance that leaves each of them with powers. As time goes on the darker side of each of them begins to show with their powers getting increasingly stronger. Andrew captures everything that happens on his camera.

5. Brightburn

Here we arrive at the evil Super Man story! This is a super interesting take on this story that kept our eyes glued to the screen. You’ll love this dark story of one of our favorite heroes.

Brightburn Movie Description

Tori Breyer’s (Elizabeth Banks) dreams about experiencing motherhood. However, due to infertility problems, it doesn’t seem like she will. But everything changes when a mysterious child appears out of nowhere. Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn) seems like he is everything Tori and her husband have wanted. As the years pass things begin to change with Brandon. When he comes close to hitting puberty a sinister power begins to boil inside of him. Due to this, Tori is overcome with doubt about her son. Once Brandon begins to take action on his dark and twisted urges, everyone close to him is put in imminent danger.

6. Super 8

This is why you never hang out in sketchy areas with friends! This just never ever goes as planned. Somehow kids always find themselves in some strange and freaky situations.

Super 8 Movie Description

A group of kids living in Chicago has decided to work together and film a zombie movie using a Super-8 camera. While filming they witnessed a train derail in terrifying fashion. As they investigate they quickly realize it wasn’t an accident. As strange things begin to occur as well as disappearances, Jackson Lamb (Kyle Chandler) a deputy and father of one of the kids, attempts to uncover the dark truth behind the crash.

7. I Am Number Four

Wrapping up our list of movies like The Darkest Minds we have someone on the run! It begs the question of how dangerous life would be if you had powers.

I Am Number Four Movie Description

Though he looks like a normal teenager, John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) isn’t ordinary at all. He’s an alien on the run from enemies hunting him and eight others like him. With the protection of his guardian Henri (Timothy Olyphant), they move town to town always switching identities. But things change when John finds a love interest in his current town. He has become tired of running and wants to put up a fight.

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