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Movies Like I Am Number Four

We believe that I Am Number Four is definitely an underrated movie that not many people have seen or even heard about! When we watched it, we enjoyed it so much. It made us daydream of being a person with powers, imagining ourselves in situations similar to those faced by the character in the movie! It’s an awesome feeling to let your imagination run wild with thoughts of having superpowers. And if you are here, you obviously must love that feeling and enjoyed this movie as well.

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Luckily, there are quite a few different and amazing movies like I Am Number Four that give you that feeling and are based around people who possess special abilities. So if you enjoyed I Am Number Four, then you will surely enjoy the selections we have put together for you. So just keep on scrolling and check out this list of incredible movies we have put together!

1. Chronicle

Kicking off our list of movies like I Am Number Four, we have a darker movie. This one takes a deep look into what happens when special powers aren’t used for good but instead eats up the person, turning them into something sinister. Chronicle is definitely a must-watch if you haven’t seen it.

Chronicle Movie Description

Andrew (Dane DeHaan) expresses himself by filming everything with his video camera. He’s socially awkward and incredibly introverted, so the camera is the easiest way for him to do this. But, when he,  his cousin Matt (Alex Russell), and his popular classmate Steve (Michael B. Jordan) come into contact with a mysterious substance things begin to quickly change. Whatever they came into contact with left them with unexplainable powers. Their lives begin to grow more chaotic as their powers continue to get stronger. Andrew manages to capture all the following events with his video camera.

2. Divergent

We absolutely had to add Divergent to this list. And this includes the other films in the series as well. It revolves around the one super special character who has the potential of changing everything! If for some reason you haven’t seen this, go and give it a watch.

Divergent Movie Description

Living in a futuristic society, Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) is about to make the most important decision of her life. Society has been divided into five different factions, and once a person comes of age, they must choose and commit to a faction for life. Tris picks Dauntless, who chases bravery above everything else. However, her initiation leads to a dangerous discovery. Tris is what’s known as a Divergent, someone who can’t simply fit into one faction but instead excels at all of them. She has been warned to keep it a secret if she wants to live. During this time she uncovers some secrets and a war that threatens everyone she’s ever loved.

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3. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Here we have another teen who is more than meets the eye. She’s the one who could change everything. It’s the type of movie that’ll have you wanting to be “the one”. You’ll find yourself quite entertained by this one.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Movie Description

Clary Fray (Lily Collins) learns that she is no ordinary teen when she discovers that she is a descendant of a line of Shadowhunters. Half angel warriors who spend their days protecting Earth and its inhabitants from powerful evil forces. When Clary’s mother disappears she decides to join forces with a group of Shadowhunters and travel to an alternate realm filled with killer demons and other dangerous creatures known as the Downworld. Along with the other Shadowhunters, Clary must locate and protect an ancient cup that contains the key to her mother’s fate.

4. The Maze Runner

If you haven’t seen the Maze Runner movies, then you are really missing out! Once again everything changes when Thomas shows up in the Maze. And if you like the first one, then there are two more for you to watch as well!

The Maze Runner Movie Description

Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) wakes up in the center of a giant maze with no memory of his life before this. He comes to find other teens like him trapped in here who suffer the same effects as him. He doesn’t waste time to become a part of the group and proves to have a unique set of skills that manages to land him the position of a Runner. The Runners go out into the ever-changing maze to attempt to find an escape route. It isn’t long before Thomas figures out the secrets to the maze. With the help of Teresa (Kaya Scodelario), he must convince the others that he really has found a way out of this giant death trap.

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5. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Don’t you wish magic was real!? It would be such a cool and fun world to live in. Maybe we could leave out any killer magical beings wanting to destroy everything, though. If you want a fun movie to watch, this one is perfect for you.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Movie Description

To the average person, Dave Stutler (Jay Baruchel) seems like any other ordinary man. But the wizard Balthazar Blake (Nicolas Cage) believes that Dave has an untapped and hidden talent for sorcery. He reluctantly decides to become Balthazar’s student and begins studying and learning the ways of magic. Dave must prepare to help Balthazar defend the city against an incoming powerful evil. However, he becomes unsure if he is capable of even surviving the training, let alone saving an entire city.

6. Jumper

Imagine being able to teleport anywhere that you can picture! That would be insanely amazing. Not only would it be an awesome power to have, but it also makes for an awesome movie! If you haven’t seen this one, then go ahead and give it a watch.

Jumper Movie Description

David Rice (Hayden Christensen) has the extraordinary ability to instantly teleport himself to any place he can picture. Even with this incredible power, he manages to live life without purpose and lives off of the money he steals from the bank vaults he teleports into. Things change when Roland Cox (Samuel L. Jackson) captures David and knows exactly how to keep him from “Jumping”. After a long struggle, David manages to escape and heads to reunite with his high school crush Millie (Rachel Bilson), and another jumper named Griffin (Jamie Bell). Together they prepare for a deadly final battle with Cox.

7. The Host

Ending our list of movies like I Am Number Four, we have one about an alien race that has taken over the world. This is a super cool and pretty different way to look at aliens and will definitely keep you entertained all the way through.

The Host Movie Description

Earth has fallen victim to the Souls, an alien race that uses human bodies after wiping out their minds to act as hosts for interstellar travelers. Most of humanity has been wiped, but there are a few such as Melanie (Saoirse Ronan) and her family who have managed to survive and are now in hiding. Melanie ends up captured by a Seeker and has a Soul named Wanderer implanted into her. However, unlike anything ever before, Melanie refuses to give control to the Soul. Eventually, she turns Wanderer against its own race as it tries to help Melanie survive. Now they must fend off the waves of relentless Seekers sent to capture them.

Scene from The Mortal Instruments for movies like I Am Number Four post.
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