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Movies Like Onward

Some of the most fun and uplifting movies to watch are animated films! No one can argue with that. If you’ve had a bad day or just want to kick back and relax, there’s nothing quite like throwing on Angry Birds, Cars, or any other fun animated movie. One of these great animated films is the recently released film Onward. It is a beautiful adventure filled journey following two elf brothers! It will have you feeling good and smiling the entire time you’re watching it.

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Due to this, it comes as no surprise that you are searching for movies like Onward that will brighten up your day. The great thing is, that there are countless other fun animated movies for you to enjoy. We have gone and found what we think are the best and most similar movies like Onward. You’ll enjoy every film on this list. Even if you have seen some of these which we don’t doubt, they are worth going back to watch again. Now, go grab your movie watching essentials and get ready to binge hours upon hours of great animated movies! Just keep on scrolling to see what we have in store for you.

1. Toy Story

To kick off our list of movies like Onward, we have one that you should definitely recognize. If you don’t know this movie then you’ve been living under a rock your entire life! Now, something you may not have know is there are 4 movies in this incredible Pixar series!

Toy Story Movie Description

Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), a space ranger action figure, has recently taken the spot as Andy’s (John Morris) favorite toy taking over Woody (Tom Hanks). This has Woody quite irritated and he picks a fight with Buzz. However, when Andy’s birthday comes up, a new toy arrives threatening both their roles in Andy’s life, forcing the two to have to work together.

2. Coco

If you are looking for an absolutely beautiful adventure filled movie then you’ll have to watch COCO! Everything about the movie is amazing. The music, the visuals, the story, we can’t name one thing wrong with this movie!

Coco Movie Description

Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez) has a dream to become an incredible musician. He aspires to be like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz (Benjamin Bratt). However, he has some obstacles, such as his family’s generations-old ban on music. Wanting to prove how great he is, Miguel finds himself wandering around the Land of the Dead. He meets and befriends a trickster named Héctor (Gael García Bernal). Together the two go on an incredible adventure to uncover the truth about Miguel’s family history.

3. Tangled

Is it possible for someone to actually grow hair this long and majestic!? This movie has just about everything! It has adventure, love, fear, humor, and more. You can’t go wrong with watching good ole Rapunzel and her epic adventure!

Tangled Movie Description

Captured as a child by an old hag, Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) has been trapped at the top of a tower for years upon years. She isn’t any ordinary girl. Her long blonde hair grants her the power of eternal youth. When she turns 18 she becomes even more curious about the outside world. An opportunity to escape arises when a prince hides in her tower for refuge. She decides to enlist him to help her escape and finally give her the chance to experience the real world.

4. Moana

Is it really a list of movies like Onward if it doesn’t have Moana on it! We don’t know about you but this is one of our favorite animated movies to ever come out. It’s just such a fun movie to watch! You can watch it more than once and never get bored of it.

Moana Movie Description

A curious and daring teenage girl named Moana (Auli’i Cravalho) decides to leave the safety of her island to try and save her people. Not long into her journey, she befriends a demigod named Maui (Dwayne Johnson). Working together, the two sail across the vast sea encountering countless enemies and unlikely odds. However, they seem to keep prevailing. As her journey continues she fulfills an ancient quest of her ancestors. Not only that, but she finally finds answers to who she really is.

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5. Monsters University

Well it took a countless number of years to finally get another Monsters Inc. movie. And let us tell you it did not disappoint. We can’t even count how many times we have all watched this film! If for some reason you haven’t, then give it a watch!

Monsters University Movie Description

Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) has dreamt of only one thing his entire life. Ever since he was a kid he has wanted to become a Scarer. In order to achieve his dream, Mike enrolls in Monsters University. Not long into his first semester, he meets a fellow monster named Sulley (John Goodman), a natural-born Scarer. However, when a rivalry begins, it inevitably gets both of them kicked from the university’s Scare Program. In order to undo the damage they have done, the two must now work together to try and make things right.

6. Zootopia

Wrapping up our list of movies like Onward, we have the hilarious city of animals! One of the things that made this movie so great is the fact that the voices fit the animals so well! It pretty much exactly what you would imagine that particular animal sound like! Its a hilarious adventure packed movie and its worth the watch!

Zootopia Movie Description

Zootopia is a mammal utopia where all sorts of different animals live life and thrive in. Living there is Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), who becomes the first rabbit to become a police officer. She quickly learns just how hard the job really is and isn’t exactly welcome onto the police force. She wants nothing more than to belong and be accepted. To prove her worth, Judy takes on a dangerous and ominous case. However, she’ll need the help of a sly fox named Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) who doesn’t exactly make her life easy.

Scene from Monsters University for movies like Onward post.
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