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Where Was Ozark Filmed?

Let’s start off by saying that if you haven’t watched this show, then you really are missing out on one of the most binge-worthy shows out there!

Seriously! This show ranks up there with Breaking Bad! And it follows a similar storyline centered around drugs and money laundering.

Back on topic – we have gone and found all the locations producers used to film this amazing show. And if you are here, then that must be what you are looking for. So keep on reading, and you will quickly find the answers to the question you’ve been asking yourself. Where was Ozark filmed!?

Ozark Filming Locations

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Taking the podium as one of the best drug smuggling shows, Ozark also stands out for some of its incredible scenery. So what locations did producers use to create the dark and eerie atmosphere of the show? Well, they filmed in two beautiful states. Those states are Missouri and Georgia. Keep on reading to find out what spots producers used in each of these states.

Locations Used In Georgia

So we know producers used Georgia for most of the show’s production but where in Georgia did they film? Well, since the show is set in a small rural area surrounding a lakeside resort, most of the filming took place in Lake Allatoona and Lake Lanier. The areas around the lakes really helped filmmakers capture the chillingly bleak and dreary mood of the show.

Also, the scenes that were set at The Blue Cat Lodge were filmed at Lake Allatoona in Canton, Georgia. Other than the indoor scenes, which were filmed in a studio in Atlanta, filmmakers didn’t use any other locations in Georgia for the film’s production.

Locations Used In Missouri

Sadly most of the production of the show didn’t actually take place in the real Ozarks. Really the only time the production crew filmed in Missouri was during the pilot of the show. The producers used the city of Lake Ozark, Missouri to shoot the few scenes they used in the show. Other than that, producers haven’t used any other locations in Missouri to film the show.

Scene from Ozark for where was Ozark filmed post.
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