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Scene in Forrest Gump for where was Forrest Gump filmed post.

Where Was Forrest Gump Filmed? Amazing 1994 Film Locations

Scene in Forrest Gump for where was Forrest Gump filmed post.

Where Was Forrest Gump Filmed?

So, where in the world can you go to ponder whether life really is like a box of chocolates!? Well, you can find out here! We have taken all the locations used to film the classic movie Forrest Gump and condensed them into this wonderfully informative post! So, read on to indulge your curiosities about where this movie was shot!

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Forrest Gump Filming Locations

So, where was Forrest Gump filmed!? Though filmmakers filmed Forrest Gump in a few locations, they shot most of the movie in South Carolina. Some of the movie’s production also took place in Georgia. However, the producers didn’t actually film in Alabama, where the movie takes place.

Locations Used In South Carolina

Okay, so the producers of the movie only used a few central locations in the filming of this movie. One of the primary ones was the areas surrounding the city of Beaufort, South Carolina. Varnville, which is on Route 68 about 35 miles northwest of Beaufort may seem familiar if you visit. It is actually the fictional town of Greenbow, Alabama where Gump grew up! Filming of other scenes took place on the Bluff Plantation, Twickenham Road which is located southeast of Yemassee and lies on the Combahee River between Varnville and Beaufort.

Locations Used In Georgia

So obviously you know the quote: “life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” The north side of Chippewa Square, Savannah, Georgia served as the perfect filming location for that scene. However, that was only for the film. Now, if you want to go sit on the benches, you have to go into the garden square itself. Sadly though, you won’t be able to sit on the one used in the film, as that one now lies in the Savannah History Museum at 303 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in Savannah.

Other Locations Used

A few other locations provided the ideal setting for certain scenes in the movie. One of these locations was Washington D.C., for the scene where Gump addresses everyone in front of the Washington Monument and the Reflecting Pool. Additionally, the University scenes and hospital scenes were all filmed in Los Angeles, California.

Well, those are all the locations where the filmmakers shot the movie! I hope you enjoyed the post and satisfied your curiosities!

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