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Best Jennifer Lawrence Movies

Ah, now we have arrived at some Jennifer Lawrence movies! We think that you and everybody else knows who this beautiful actress is! She has really given us some incredible films to enjoy and watch over and over again. Many of the films she takes part in end up as worldwide blockbusters, and when you see them you’ll understand why! She is without a doubt one of the most talented actresses out there right now!

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Alright, so now let’s get to the reason why you are here! You must be on the search for some of the best Jennifer Lawrence movies that can satisfy your movie going needs! Well, we have some great news for you! We have put together an epic list of the absolute best Jennifer Lawrence movies that you must watch if you haven’t seen them! Just keep on reading down below and find out exactly what incredible movies we have waiting for you!

1. The Hunger Games

For the first film on this list of Jennifer Lawrence movies, we have one that made waves across the world! We think that everybody must know about this amazing movie! It’s one of her staples and it’s not only this film that’s incredible but the entire series is a must watch!

The Hunger Games Movie Description

The Capitol of Panem continues to control the twelve districts which now make up the scraps of North America. They maintain their stronghold by having each district choose contestants to compete in the annual Hunger Games. The games are extremely violent as they pit the contestants against each other in a fight for survival. In district twelve, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) volunteers as tribute to take the spot of her little sister who was initially chosen. Katniss already knows how to hunt, so she can put those skills to use. But when she refuses to comply with orders from the Capitol, she may be the one who finally starts a revolution.

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2. Winter’s Bone

What would you do if you had to take care of your family at the age of 17!? That’s insane! Especially with all the dangers this girl faces! This movie is incredible and deserves a watch if you haven’t seen it.

Winter’s Bone Movie Description

Ree Dolly (Jennifer Lawrence) must find her father if she wants any chance of saving the family’s home. After her criminal father vanishes and puts the house up for his bail bond, Ree struggles to watch over the family. Her mother has also gone into a deep depression, leaving Ree to watch her two siblings. Now, Ree has little time to track down her father and face the dangers that lie ahead completely alone at seventeen years old.

3. Passengers

Here we have another incredible movie starring Jennifer Lawrence! This film also stars Chris Pratt, and the two deliver one hell of a performance. If you love space, this is also the perfect movie for you! Give it a watch! You won’t regret it!

Passengers Movie Description

Five thousand colonists and more than two hundred fifty crew members make their way, on a 120-year journey, from Earth to colonize a new planet. However, only 30 years into the journey, the ship passes through an asteroid field and experiences a malfunction. Due to the malfunction, a passenger named Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) awakens 90 years too early. After a year of spending his days alone and being unable to go back into hibernation, Jim makes a selfish decision. He wakes up the passenger Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) and lies to her, telling her that the ship had accidentally woken her up like him. As they grow closer, Aurora finds out Jim’s secret. This completely ruins their relationship. However, when a problem with the ship threatens the lives of everyone aboard, they must pull together for any chance of saving the passengers.

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4. Mother!

This is the most mind-bending rollercoaster of a movie we have seen in a long while. If you want your brain turned to mush then go and give this movie a watch. It is definitely worth it if you haven’t seen it.

Mother! Movie Description

A couple, seemingly separated from the rest of the world, has decided to distance themselves from everyone while building their home in the middle of a beautiful field. The man, known as Him (Javier Bardem), works as a poet with Mother (Jennifer Lawrence) keeping busy around the house. However, when Him invites someone into the house, things take a turn for the worse. Mother begins to have disturbing visions that progressively get worse as more and more people show up to the house, making Mother’s life a living hell.

5. Red Sparrow

If you want an action-packed movie, then this will be the one for you! The performance that Jennifer puts on in this movie is insane! Give this film a watch! You won’t regret this adrenaline rush!

Red Sparrow Movie Description

Dominika Egorova (Jennifer Lawrence) performs as one of the best ballerinas to walk the Earth. However, when she suffers an unexpected injury, her career comes to an abrupt end. The only option she now has is the Sparrow school. A secret service runs the school, training young women and turning them into lethal weapons. After finishing the training school, Egorova becomes one of the most lethal Sparrows the program has created. The mission she embarks on progressively becomes more dangerous as she continues to struggle with what she has become.

6. Silver Linings Playbook

This really wouldn’t be a list of Jennifer Lawrence movies if we didn’t have this movie on here! It’s one of the best love story movies out there, and it’s worth the watch! So if you haven’t seen it, you know what to do!

Silver Linings Playbook Movie Description

Pat Solatano (Bradley Cooper), who suffers from bipolar disorder, has a mental breakdown and loses everything he ever cared about after catching his wife cheating on him. After serving time at a mental institution, Pat decides when he leaves that he wants to rebuild his life and win his wife back. However, when he meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) everything changes. Tiffany offers to help him win his wife back but the closer they grow, the more Pat realizes that he may want to deviate from the original plan.

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7. Joy

For the final film on this list of Jennifer Lawrence movies, we have an incredible and inspirational film! Imagine going from rags to having everything you ever wanted but nearly losing more than you believed you had along the way. This movie is terrific and deserves a watch.

Joy Movie Description

A divorced mother of two, Joy Mangano (Jennifer Lawrence), wants more for her dull and taxing life. Having to take care of her divorced parents as well as having her ex-husband living with her, Joy has little time for her ambitions. However, when she invents something revolutionary, her life begins to change. Joy has suddenly found a new path to go down. However, this journey proves difficult as Joy faces unimaginable obstacles that she must fight through or risk going back to her miserable life.

Scene from The Hunger Games for Jennifer Lawrence movies post.
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