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Movies About Bipolar Disorder

Okay, so there are actually a good number of incredible movies out there that spotlight the topic of bipolar disorder. Some of the films on this list take a more serious approach toward the subject of mental health. However, others use humor to offer a light-hearted take on this serious topic. But all of them will have you wanting more! So, without further ado, enjoy this list of movies about bipolar disorder.

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1. Silver Linings Playbook

This one is one of the more touching and loving movies on the list! This movie dives heavily into bipolar disorder and doesn’t tone it back. However, that being said, that does not mean that the film isn’t also funny and charming. This is an outstanding movie worth the watch!

Silver Linings Playbook Movie Summary

Pat Solatano’s (Bradley Cooper) life just keeps falling apart. First, he catches his wife cheating on him, which leads him to suffer a mental breakdown and nearly kill someone. Then he has to spend a considerable amount of time in a mental institution. When Pat is released from the institution, he goes to live with his parents and works on getting his life back together. However, soon after, he meets a girl named Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) who says she will help Pat get back together with his wife if, in return, he helps her out. Pat eventually agrees but, things get complicated once the two start hanging out more often.

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2. The Informant!

Who doesn’t love a good espionage movie! This movie is absolutely amazing! What would you do if the FBI forced you to be an informant against your own company!? Definitely a recommended watch!

The Informant! Movie Summary

The FBI has forced Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon) to be an informant for them within Archer Daniels Midland, the company he works for. He must report back to the FBI about the illegal price-fixing activities the company is participating in. As time passes, Whitacre begins to believe that he is an actual secret agent. However, his life comes crashing down when all the lies that surround his life start to catch up with him.

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3. Michael Clayton

This man has far too many problems to deal with! One of them being a bipolar man running off with sensitive documents that could take down an entire company! If we were him, we wouldn’t know what the hell to do.

Michael Clayton Movie Summary

A fixer named Michael Clayton (George Clooney) is in deep trouble with a loan shark after a failed investment cost him $75,000. He has a week to acquire the cash and pay off his debt. However, Michael runs into more problems when a man named Arthur Edens has a manic episode after not being on his medication. Edens runs off with a confidential U-North document that could take the company down. Now, Michael must find a way to fix the situation while balancing the problems in his own life.

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4. Infinitely Polar Bear

Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk, in a bipolar movie!? Hmmm, can’t say it doesn’t work! In all seriousness though, this movie is hands-down the most heartfelt one on this list. It does a fantastic job of presenting the struggles of living with bipolar disorder. If you haven’t watched it, we highly recommend you do!

Infinitely Polar Bear Movie Summary

Cameron, a bipolar father, has lost his job after suffering a mental breakdown at work. Soon after, he must watch his two daughters as their mother leaves to study at Columbia University, in hopes of giving her family a better life. Battling his disorder, Cameron tries his hardest not to let his two little girls down.

5. The Wolf of Wall Street

The funniest movie on this list is The Wolf of Wallstreet. No doubt about it. We’ll also warn you that it is also the most raunchy on the list too! However, it still deserves a watch. Though it’s not explicitly stated that Belford suffers from bipolar disorder, his downfall is caused by an abundance of manic actions. His actions certainly make viewers believe that he does suffer from the disorder, which is why this movie is on the list.

The Wolf of Wall Street Movie Summary

Jordan Belford (Leonardo DiCaprio), a broke man, needs to find a way to make money. He begins by taking a job at a brokerage on Wallstreet. Not long after, he learns the ins and outs of the business and starts his own brokerage Stratton Oakmont with his best friend, Donnie Azoff. However, Belford begins to defraud the wealthy, and the brokerage makes a fortune. While Belford enjoys his lavish life, Belford’s wrongdoings begin to catch up to him.

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