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Where Was Twilight Filmed?

One of the most well-known movies and series out there has to be Twilight. The love story between a girl, a vampire, and a werewolf rippled across the globe. Just about everyone knows about these sulky teen lovebirds, especially the teenage girl population. If you are looking for a vampire and werewolf film to watch, then this should be at the top of your list as it is one of the best in that genre!

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If you are here, then you must be wondering where producers decided to film this drama fantasy! Well, if that sounds like what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place! We have gone and searched for all the locations that producers used during the production of the movie! So if you have questions like “Where was Twilight filmed?” then keep on reading, and you’ll find all the answers you are looking for!

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Twilight Filming Locations

So, where did the producers of Twilight decide to film this epic love story? Well, almost the entirety of the production of the film took place in the state of Oregon. This may come as a surprise to you if you believed that producers filmed it in Forks, Washington where film-makers set the movies. Producers didn’t use the real city of Forks, but producers did use Washington for some filming. This is still a pretty broad location so if you want more detail, then keep on reading!

Locations Used In Oregon And Washington

Okay, so producers decided to use Portland, Oregon for most of the production of Twilight. So below are a few of the more important locations of the movie which producers used to film.

For the high school scenes, producers used two locations. For the exterior, they used Kalama High School – 548 China Garden Road, Kalama, Washington, USA and for the interior, they used Madison High School, Portland, Oregon, USA.

Next up we have the Forks Cafe which film-makers used Damascus, Oregon, USA. Producers used Vernonia, Oregon, USA to portray the city of Forks.

Next up we have the surfing beach, where film-makers used Indian Beach, Ecola State Park – Highway 101, Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA.

That brings us to the iconic Bella and Edward tree scene. Producers used 218 Rim Drive, Washougal, Columbia River Gorge, Washington, USA for that scene. And all of the forest scenes took place in Silver Falls State Park, Sublimity, Oregon, USA.

For the last three locations, we have Charlie Swan’s, the Cullen’s, and Bella’s family house. Producers used 3333 NW Quimby Street, Portland, Oregon, USA for Cullen’s house and 184 South 6th Street, St. Helens, Oregon, USA for Charlie’s house. Lastly, for Bella’s house, producers used 22301 Cataro Dr, Santa Clarita, California, USA.

That’s all of the important film location that we could find for Twilight! We hope you enjoyed it and found all the answers you were seeking!

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