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Movies Like The Wretched

The Wretched took a different approach to horror and instead of using your average ghost they went ahead and chose a horrifying creature from European folklore to keep you up at night. The movie manages to keep your attention and keep you intrigued with all the twists and terrifying scares it provides. Some of the things that end up coming from European folklore are far and beyond scarier than any ghost.

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All these things combined are what made The Wretched an incredible and truly scary movie to watch. It’s also what makes movies like The Wretched so attractive to us horror movie fanatics. So we decided to find what we think are some of the scariest films out there that share some similarities with this movie. Go and grab your popcorn and just keep on scrolling to see what nightmares we have prepared for you today!

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1. The Hallow

To start our list of movies like The Wretched we have a truly terrifying one. You don’t even have to watch the entire movie to have nightmares! Simply watch the trailer and you’ll lose sleep!

The Hallow Movie Description

A family has decided to move into a secluded part of the Ireland forest. What was meant to be their new home and a fresh start, quickly turns into something much darker. They begin to notice strange sounds and even stranger occurrences. As night comes, fear begins to grow and the villagers continue to spew their warnings. The family quickly realizes that they’ll have to fight for their lives against something unimaginably sinister.

2. The Ritual

In theory it would seem like Norway and Sweden would be a wonderful place to go but after seeing this movie we’ll stay far away. This movie will also teach you not to take shortcuts!

The Ritual Movie Description

In order to commemorate the death of a friend, a group of four college buds decides to hike through the beautiful Scandinavian wilderness in his name. However, when they decide to take a shortcut through a forest of Norse Legend, this trip takes a deadly turn. An ancient and sinister being lives in the forest and stalks every move the four friends make and begins to hunt them down. If they want any chance of survival they’ll have to find a way to work together.

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3. The Witch

If you want a witch movie done right then this is definitely the one you should be watching. If you haven’t seen this one go ahead and change that now!

The Witch Movie Description

Samuel, the youngest in a New England suburban family has recently disappeared. The family puts the blame on Thomasin (Anya Taylor-Joy), the oldest daughter who was supposedly watching Samuel when he disappeared. Her twin sibling Mercy (Ellie Grainger) and Jonas (Lucas Dawson) accuse Thomasin of witchcraft as paranoia continues to rise within the family. The family’s love, faith, and loyalty are put to the test through these dark times. It’s unclear whether their relationships are strong enough for what’s going to unfold.

4. The Babadook

In our humble opinion we think The Babadook is one of the most terrifying movies you can watch. It really left us shivering in fear after it ended.

The Babadook Movie Description

Amelia (Essie Davis), a single mother, is still haunted by the violent death of her beloved husband. She cares for her young son Sam (Noah Wiseman) who has developed an increasing fear of a monster that lives in the house with them. One night Amelia comes across a book titled Mister Babadook. She becomes disturbed with the images portrayed in the book and can’t explain the book’s random appearance. It isn’t long after reading it the two realize something sinister is living with them. One thing becomes clear, they should have never read that book.

5. The Monster

And this is why you don’t go on late night drives in the middle of nowhere during a big storm. This is everyone’s worst fear! Driving and having your car break down, then finding out something wants to kill you. No thank you, we’ll pass.

The Monster Movie Description

An emergency calls for Kathy (Zoe Kazan), a divorced mother, and her troubled young daughter Lizzy (Ella Ballentine), to make a late-night trip to see Lizzy’s father. As they drive down quiet and empty desert roads through a storm, the two end up crashing the car and this leaves them in shock. Luckily, neither of them suffer any major injuries. The same can’t be said for the car as it is now dead. They try to call for help but their efforts go unnoticed. However, strange occurrences make them realize they are not alone. Something horrifying is watching and creeping in the woods and it doesn’t intend on ever letting the two leave.

6. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

This was one we hadn’t heard of before and we are angry that we hadn’t because it was great! Just in case you were thinking about buying an old mansion this movie may make you rethink that!

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Movie Description

Young Sally (Bailee Madison), has arrived at her new home, a 19th-century mansion that her dad and his girlfriend are restoring together. As Sally explores the giant estate, she comes upon a basement which has laid undisturbed and hidden for years. While down there, she accidentally releases a pack of sinister creatures who’s only goal is to drag Sally and her family to the dark and bottomless depths of the mansion.

7. The Wicker Man

Okay, so this a psychological horror movie that will mess you up. It’ll leave you having nightmares and it doesn’t need monsters to do it! And if you like this one you’ll want to check out Midsommar too!

The Wicker Man Movie Description

There is a missing child report stemming from the small secluded Scottish island known as Summerisle. Sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward) heads to the island to investigate the case. Once there, he observes the uncanny sexual displays and bizarre pagan rituals they perform. Willow (Britt Ekland) has managed to catch his eye as well as her father Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee) who also happens to be the island’s magistrate. As Howie continues to learn more about the island’s residents, he comes closer to uncovering the truth about the missing child.

8. It

Ending our list of movies like The Wretched we have the hideously horrifying clown, Pennywise. You really don’t need an explanation as to why this is terrifying! There is a second one too so you get to enjoy double the nightmares!

It Movie Description

Living in the small town of Derry, Maine, a group of seven friends is about to live through their worst nightmares. Every 27 years, an ancient and evil being emerges from the sewers to haunt and kill the children of the town. It has the ability to shapeshift and take the form of their worst fears. Throughout the summer the kids must band together and face their fears if they want any chance of defeating the psychotic killer clown known as Pennywise once and for all.

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Scene from The Hallow for movies like The Wretched post.
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