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Where Was Jurassic World Filmed?

Have you ever wanted to go and visit the dinosaurs!? Well, we definitely haven’t! We like to play it safe over here. However, luckily for you and us, we can all visit the locations that these dinosaurs made an appearance in the film! If you are curious about where in the hell the jaw-dropping scenery in this movie is located, then you have come to the perfect place! So, go ahead and keep on reading to find out where producers shot Jurassic World!

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Jurassic World Filming Locations

So, where precisely did creators produce the 4th installment of the Jurassic Park series? Well, the film’s main locations were in gorgeous Hawaii and Louisiana! Multiple locations within Hawaii made it into the movie. The beautiful visuals definitely have you wanting to visit, but hopefully, you don’t end up attacked by dinosaurs!

Locations Used In Hawaii

O’ahu Locations

Every wonder where producers filmed that waterfall jump scene!? Well, that scene was shot in Manoa Falls. Most of the incredible scenery in the movie is located in O’ahu, which is the third largest island of Hawaii! The locations used in Ohau are Kualoa Ranch,  which is one of the main sites for the outdoor scenes, such as where the Gyrosphere platform was! You can actually still go visit it as the set still sits there as a tourist attraction! For the interior scenes on the island, producers used the Hawaii Convention Center! Finally, for the final evacuation scenes of the movie,  creators used the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor.

Kauai Locations

Now we have arrived at Kauai, which is hands down one of the most beautiful destinations in the world! Like O’ahu, many different locations in Kauai made it into the film. Locations such as Blue Hole, Lawai, Manawaiopuna Falls, Jurassic Kahili Ranch, and Na Pali Coast State Park! These are all absolutely stunning locations, which is no wonder why they keep making it into multiple movies!

Locations Used In Louisiana

Only one location in Louisiana ended up used for the movie’s production. Film-makers used New Orleans for Audubon Zoo. Other than that, most filming for the movie took place in Hawaii!

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