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Scene from Shutter Island for where was Shutter Island filmed post.

Where Was Shutter Island Filmed? Stunning 2010 Film Locations

Scene from Shutter Island for where was Shutter Island filmed post.

Where Was Shutter Island Filmed

Shutter island gave us everything we could have wanted in a Leonardo DiCaprio movie! It had incredible twists and turns that you couldn’t have expected. The movie was a true phenomenon. Another thing that made the film even more amazing is the eerie scenery that makes you feel uneasy the entire time you are watching making it that much more thrilling!

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As you know this film mostly takes place on an isolated island inside an insane asylum! And the horrifying thing is that the island is real! And if you are here then it means you must be looking for the location of this island and more locations that are featured in the movie! Well if that’s the case then you have definitely come to the right place. If you have questions such as, ‘where was Shutter Island filmed?’ then just keep on scrolling and we’ll give you all the answers you are looking for!

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Shutter Island Filming Locations

First off, we’ll start with some of the more broad locations used in this movie before narrowing in on specific locations. Producers shot most of the film in Massachusetts, Maine, and California! If you are looking for something a little more detailed then just keep on reading and we’ll give you the specifics.

Locations Used In Massachusetts

A big chunk of filming actually took place in Massachusetts which is where the film is set! The big question is where you can find the island in the movie. Well, its called Peddocks Island and you can find it in Boston Harbor! The island is actually one of the bigger ones located in the Harbor. For the landing pier you see in the film, producers used a location near Fort Andrews. For the main building in the movie, film-makers used Medfield State Hospital, 45 Hospital Road in Medfield to portray that insane asylum.

Next up, Turner Hill Golf Club, 251 Topsfield Road, Ipswich served as the executive mansion in the film. For the forest Teddy and Chuck found themselves stranded in during the storm, producers used Wilson Mountain Reservation. That about wraps it up for the locations used in Massachusetts!

Locations Used In Maine

Now we arrive in Maine. Compared to Massachusetts producers didn’t spend much time filming here. Really only one location was used to film in Maine. That would be Acadia National Park, Maine, USA.

Locations Used In California

Last but not least, we have California! Producers filmed in Hearst Ranch, San Simeon, California, USA and 433 So Spring St Los Angeles, California, USA during their time in this state. Other than this, film-makers didn’t use many other locations during the production of Shutter Island. We hope that we managed to answer all your questions regarding the filming locations of this movie!

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