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Where Was The Notebook Filmed?

If you consider yourself a romantic, then you have most likely seen this movie. Without a doubt, this movie is one of the better love stories out there. It has also probably made every girl who has watched it cry as well! Not only that but all the girls love it because it stars the one and only Ryan Gosling. Which makes them wish they were Allie in the film.

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Now, getting to the reason that you are here, you must be on the search for some of the beautiful locations which you can find in this movie. Well, if you have questions such as, “Where was The Notebook filmed?” then you have definitely come to the right place. We have gathered all the major locations that you must be curious about that made an appearance in the film. So, just keep on reading and we’ll answer all your questions regarding the locations producers decided to film the movie at.

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The Notebook Filming Locations

Okay, so where exactly did the film-makers decide to film the romance movie. Well, we will start off with a more broad answer if you are just looking for a quick answer and nothing more. Producers chose the state of South Carolina to film the entire movie. If you want more information about locations used in the state then just keep on reading!

Locations Used In South Carolina

So you know know that producers chose to film in South Carolina. But where exactly in South Carolina can you find some of these movie locations? Well, film-makers decided to film a large part of this movie in Charleston! For the nursing home producers used the Rice Hope Plantation House for scenes that took place there. You can find the summer house owed by Allie’s family at  Boone Hall Plantation1235 Long Point RoadMount Pleasant. For the college in which Allie attends producers chose the College of Charleston, 66 George Street to represent the New York college.

Next, we have the house which Noah plans to fix up. Producers filmed near Wadmalaw Island for those scenes. Another important location that may catch your attention is the restaurant which Noah finally runs into Allie again. Producers used High Cotton199 East Bay StreetCharleston for that scene.

For a final location that producers used in South Carolina we will cover the beautiful scene when Noah takes Allie boating. You can find that beautiful location at  Cypress Gardens3030 Cypress Gardens RoadMoncks Corner.

Film-makers did use a couple location outside of South Carolina as well.  MontrealQuebec acts as the battlefeild when Noah goes of to war. Not only that but for the scenes where you find Noah and Allie on the beach, producers used El Matador Beach, in Malibu for those scenes.

Other than this there aren’t really any more locations which producers used during the making of this film. We hope that we have answered all your questions regarding the locations used for the production of The Notebook!

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