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Tom Hardy, a man of many talents, one of which includes acting, has definitely given us some incredible films over the course of his acting career. Tom Hardy movies usually revolve around some really badass violence. So if you are into action movies then you should look into all of Hardy’s movies as you can’t go wrong watching them!

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That brings us to the reason why you have landed on this post. You must be on the search for the best Tom Hardy movies out there that you can go and watch now! Well, if that sounds like what you are looking for, then we can tell you that you are most definitely in the right place. We have gathered what we believe are his best and most entertaining films he has starred in. Just keep on reading to find out exactly what incredible movies we have in store for you.

1. Mad Max: Fury Road

For the first film on this list of Tom Hardy movies, we have one that really had everyone’s jaws drop. If you are a Mad Max fan and you haven’t seen the most recent one then you are truly missing out. Not only is the movie great but the soundtrack in the film blows most movie’s out of the water!

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Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Description

After the fall of civilization as we know it, an evil tyrannical man named Immortan Joe captures and enslaves any survivors. He keeps them all in his massive desert fortress. But things go awry for Joe when Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) leads his five wives on a risky escape. During the escape, Furiosa meets Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) who once also fell captive to Joe. The two form an alliance and make their way across the wasteland, in a truck dubbed the War Rig, in hopes of outrunning Joe and his army.

2. Locke

If you are looking for a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat then you have come across the right film! This drama/thriller really gets your heart pumping. If you haven’t seen this one then you are really missing out!

Locke Movie Description

A construction manager named Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) has appeared like a dedicated family man. But when something forces him to leave the construction site at a pinnacle point in his career, his life begins to unravel. He must make the drive up to London to face his past decisions. He calls everyone and tells them about the secret he has held onto which may destroy the life he currently has.

3. Venom

Next up we have what may possibly be the scariest anti-hero out there, Venom! We loved everything about this movie and it even has some dark humor in there. So, if that’s your kind of thing then this movie is a must-watch for you!

Venom Movie Description

A journalist named Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) has taken up a new story as he attempts to bring down the founder of the Life Foundation, Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed). Eddie goes to extremes and breaks into one of Drake’s labs to investigate. However, while doing so, he comes into contact and merges with an alien named Venom. In turn, Eddie now has superhuman powers. Fueled by rage, Eddie and Venom attempt to work together to make ends meet.

4. Warrior

Personally, we believe this is one of the best fighting movies out there. If you like MMA or anything with that sort of style then you will love this one. The incredible fight choreography really makes you believe these are real fights and they are all badass! We highly recommend you give this one a watch if you haven’t already!

Warrior Movie Description

 Tommy (Tom Hardy), an ex-marine has a dark past. When he returns home he asks his father, a former wrestling coach, to train him for the biggest MMA tournament ever held, Sparta. But when Tommy’s brother Brendan (Joel Edgerton) begins to fight his way up the brackets in the tournament, it seems as though the two may have to finally confront each other. They may finally resolve the problems which once pulled them apart.

5. Legend

If you like gangster movies, then you absolutely must give this one a watch. Tom Hardy’s performance is nothing short of amazing and will have your adrenaline rushing! If you haven’t seen this one we highly recommend you give it a watch.

Legend Movie Description

Reggie Kray (Tom Hardy), a charming and dangerous man, works daily with his unstable twin brother Ronnie to make their names known in the underworld of London. The two brothers become notorious for using violence to accomplish what they want. After the two become known around London, they must now worry about Detective Leonard Read who will stop at nothing to stop the two brothers. But this wont stop the brothers from trying to bring the world into the palm of their hands.

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6. Bronson

For the final film on this list of Tom Hardy movies, we have one that will take you for one hell of a ride. Tom Hardy’s performance in this really makes you believe he is downright insane. Not only that, but this film is based on a true story making it that much crazier!

Bronson Movie Description

Michael Peterson, also known as Charles Bronson (Tom Hardy), has earned the title of the most brutal person in the English penal system. At first, he earned himself seven years in prison for robbing a jewelry store. But his behavior quickly lands him on the bad side of all the guards and inmates. He finds himself in solitary confinement not long after, as this is the only place where he is unable to harm someone.

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Scene from Venom for Tom Hardy movies post.
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