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Where Was Mad Max Fury Road Filmed?

Any Mad Max fans out there!? Because we absolutely love all the Mad Max films! Especially the last one!

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We don’t know if anyone else pays attention to this, but the sound in Mad Max Fury Road is utterly amazing! Same goes for the scenery in the movie! Many of the scenes are absolutely breathtaking.

If you have landed on this post, then you must be looking for information about where producers shot Mad Max Fury Road. Well, we’ve done some digging and found out precisely where filmmakers shot this film! Keep on reading to find out!

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Mad Max Fury Road Filming Locations

While producers still set Mad Max Fury Road in a post-apocalyptic Australia, filming did not take place in the land down under.

So where was Mad Max Fury Road filmed!? Well, interestingly enough, producers did begin filming the movie in Australia. However, soon after, they had to switch locations when unexpected rains started giving life to greenery around the filming sites.

The country of Namibia, located on the West African coast, was the new location chosen for the production of the film. Producers shot the entire movie there!

Locations Used In Namibia

For producing this visually stunning movie, filmmakers chose one primary location. All of the chase sequences and virtually all of the other scenes in the film were shot in the Namib Desert! The desert is located near Swakopmund, Namibia – the country’s second city. Other than that, producers did not use any other locations for the production of this film.

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