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Where Is Bates Motel Filmed?

Okay, so this show definitely takes a top spot at being one of the weirdest shows out on television. If you’ve seen it, then you know what we are talking about. But, we do have to say it makes for one hell of a viewing experience for anyone watching. So we have to recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it. Especially if you like good dramas!

But for those of you who have seen it, that brings us to the reason why you have come to this page. You must be searching for the eerie filming locations that producers used while filming this show. Well, if you have questions such as, “Where is Bates Motel filmed?” or anything of that sort, then you have definitely come to the right place. We have found where show-makers filmed all the important locations you see in the show and have put them here for you to easily learn about. So, if that sounds interesting then keep on reading to find the answers to your questions.

Bates Motel Filming Locations

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Alright, so where exactly did the makers of this show decide to film? Well, we will start with a more general answer for those of you looking for a quick answer and nothing more. Producers chose the beautiful country of Canada to film this incredible drama. Now, if you want some more details about where in Canada show-makers filmed, then keep on reading and we’ll reveal a lot more!

Locations Used In Canada

So, where in Canada did show-makers choose to film this show? Well, producers pretty much stuck to Vancouver for the entirety of the show. However, this show doesn’t have many filming locations. As you know, if you’ve watched it, a lot of it is set indoors. In turn, producers filmed most of the show on a stage.

For Norman’s high school though, producers used Seycove Secondary School, 1204 Caledonia Ave, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as the set for any of those scenes.

A few other locations used include Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada, and Steveston, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

Scene from Bates Motel for where is Bates Motel filmed post.
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