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Scenes in Spider-man Homecoming, for the Easter eggs in Spider-man Homecoming post.

10 Spiderman Homecoming Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

Scenes in Spider-man Homecoming, for the Easter eggs in Spider-man Homecoming post.

Spiderman Homecoming Easter Eggs

If you are looking for Spiderman Homecoming Easter eggs, then you have come to the right place! We have collected 10 hidden things that you may have missed while watching the movie! There are some very interesting surprises that the creators of the film decided to sneak in. We didn’t even catch some of these, and we have seen the film multiple times! So, if you’re interested in learning the secrets of Spiderman Homecoming, then keep reading! You won’t regret it!

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1. Bagley Graffiti

This is a nice shout out to the one and only Mark Bagley! Bagley works as a comic book artist and has worked on Spiderman comics such as The Amazing Spider-Man. That’s not all though, he also worked with Brian Michael Bendez on Ultimate Spider-Man! This is definitely a really cool Easter egg and is much harder to see than most others on this list!

2. Principal Morita

This has to be one of the cooler Spiderman Homecoming Easter eggs. Principal Morita is actually one of the descendants of Jim Morita. If you remember Jim, he was featured in Captain America: The First Avenger. Kenneth Choi plays both characters making this a really cool Easter egg that Marvel decided to add in.

3. Mac Gargan

A possible future villain for Spider-Man? We sure hope so! This right here is scorpion! Many of you most likely know about him. However, if you don’t, he is a villain that has made multiple appearances in the Spider-Man comics. At the end of the film, Gargan makes one last appearance where he is out looking for revenge.

4. Betty Brant

Does the name Betty Brant ring a bell? Trust us, you aren’t crazy, you have heard the name. She is a character in the original Spider-Man trilogy. This is one of the many characters that the filmmakers decided to bring back as a younger version of themselves. This is another really cool Easter egg you may have missed when watching the movie for the first time.

5. Spider-Man’s Suit AI Karen

If you believe that Karen’s voice sounds familiar, you are absolutely right! Because you most likely have heard her voice in previous Marvel films! It’s Jennifer Connelly’s voice! She first appeared in the 2003 Hulk movie. You definitely need a good memory and a good ear to catch this one!

6. Aaron Davis

This could possibly confirm another Spiderman other than Peter Parker! Aaron Davis may be the uncle of Miles Morrales. He says he has a nephew but never mentions Miles Morales specifically. However, many believe that the nephew is Miles Morales. Miles eventually ends up getting bitten by a spider that turns him into a Spiderman! This could mean that Peter may get a partner or even an enemy soon!

7. Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

Who can remember this scenery? We’re not talking about this scene in the Spiderman movie either. If you remember correctly, this is Captain America’s running path. You may or may not have noticed it, but this is the same path that Steve Rogers (Captain America) would take when running!

8. No Spider Sense

The well known Spider sense doesn’t exist in Spiderman Homecoming! Well, at least for now. In Captain America: Civil War, you hear Peter say that his power gives him input overload. This is the reason that he uses the goggles with his original suit as they help him focus. The power was left out of the movie because John Watts, the director of the film, wanted to explore something different.

9. Nice To Meet Thor And Hulk

This scene right here was funny for a couple of reasons. One of the Easter eggs in this scene is when Spiderman says that it’s nice to meet Thor and Hulk. This is a reference to him not meeting or fighting them in Captian America: Civil War. One more thing: when the fight between them begins, Spiderman makes Thor punch Hulk in the face referencing a scene from the Avengers! It made this scene absolutely hilarious!

10. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

So this was absolutely awesome! The scene where Spiderman is chasing the van is almost identical to the scene where Ferris is running through a neighborhood! The filmmakers also added a tv playing the exact scene in the background of one of the backyards that Peter runs through! You even hear Peter yell that it’s an amazing movie!

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