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Where Was Mamma Mia Filmed?

Who doesn’t love a good musical!? We know we definitely love them! Mamma Mia takes the podium as one of the best musicals out there! If you are a fan of Mamma Mia, you may wonder where it was produced. Well, we’ve got some good information on that down below! Keep reading, and we will answer all the questions you have about the locations used for the movie!

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Mamma Mia Filming Locations

So, where was Mamma Mia filmed!? Well, Mamma Mia’s production took place in a couple of locations. The primary site used was located in Greece. The filmmakers shot most of the outdoor scenes here. However, most of the film took place in a studio because the producers created a set for Donna’s Greek Villa. The Villa’s construction took place at the 007 stage in Pinewood Studios. That’s the boring part though, we’re more interested in the locations in Greece.

Where In Greece Did The Creators Film?

Most of the outdoor filming took place on a small Greek island named Skopelos. Another location where some of the movie’s scenes ended up filmed is Damouchari. Damouchari is located in the Pelion area of Greece. Specifically, it’s part of Mouresi. A fun little fact, Damouchari is the only natural port on North East Pelion.

Location Used In The Skopelos Island

Really, only one central location on the island of Skopelos was used for filming. Kastani beach is the name of the area. Kastani beach is located about 15 kilometers west of the Skopelos Town. Producers chose this location because of its crystal clear waters and beautiful surroundings. Also surrounded by pine trees, the beach makes anyone visiting gasp due to its beauty.

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