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Horror Movies On Netflix

For some odd reason, people love watching things that just scare the ever-living sh*t out of them! That includes us at EndlessPopcorn and you if you have come to this post. There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush you get while watching these films and having your heart feeling like it’s going to explode out of your chest! We don’t only like horror movies we also love Netflix! So we have decided to combine the two and bring you a selection of the best horror movies on Netflix!

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Lucky for you, horror movies on Netflix are of no shortage! They have a plethora of incredible horror films ready to be watched. All of the movies on this list will get your heart pounding and those beads of sweat forming on your forehead. Not all of these deal with scary monsters though. If you are a true horror movie connoisseur then you know some of the scariest films are those psychological thrillers. This list has a bit of both and more. Now, go grab the pillow and blanket that you use to cover your eyes when you feel something coming and keep on scrolling to see what terrifying films we have in store for you!

1. Insidious

To start our list of horror movies on Netflix we have one of the most terrifying pg-13 movies ever made! We are so happy Netflix has this in their selections. You can’t go wrong with this and there are 3 more films in the series as well!

Insidious Movie Description

Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) and his wife Renai (Rose Byrne) moved to a new house with their three children Dalton, Foster, and the baby Cali. Not long into moving they notice strange occurrences throughout the house when all of a sudden Dalton falls into a coma. Josh and Renai begin looking for help but no doctor seems to know what has caused this. With even stranger things happening around the house Renai becomes sure it is haunted leading the family to move again. This solves nothing though. The malevolent spirit has followed them and things get worse. They enlist the help of Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) to try and get rid of the spirit trying to take over their comatose son.

If this series timeline confuses you then check out our Explanation Of The Insidious Timeline!

2. Train To Busan

This is without question one of the best and most horrifying zombie movies ever made. There really is nothing quite like it. If you haven’t seen this one we highly recommend it.

Train To Busan Movie Description

Seok-woo (Yoo Gong) and his estranged daughter Su-an (Su-an Kim) end up on a train from Seoul headed to Busan. This trip won’t be their average train ride. While on the train, a zombie outbreak erupts sending the world into chaos. The virus has made it onto the train and no one is safe. Now, Seok-woo must find a way to protect his daughter and hope to survive this trip to Busan.

Here is our list of the Best Zombie Movies On Netflix.

3. The Invitation

If your wife disappears and comes back two years later with a new man and invites you to dinner, the events in this film are exactly why you shouldn’t go! In all seriousness, the movie will have you on edge the entire time. It’s worth the watch!

The Invitation Movie Description

After losing their son in a tragic accident, Will (Logan Marshall-Green) and Eden (Tammy Blanchard) aren’t the loving couple they once were. Eden left and disappeared. Two years later she returned but with a new husband. Not only that, but she is now a completely different person. She wants to reunite with everyone she left behind so she hosts a dinner party and invites everyone including her ex. Not long into the dinner, Will begins to suspect that Eden and her new husband have something sinister in the works for all of them.

4. Geralds Game

There’s no question as to why this is one of the best horror movies on Netflix. You shouldn’t expect a plethora of scary monsters in this one. This is more of a psychological horror that will leave you in awe. Netflix knocked it out of the park with this one.

Geralds Game Movie Description

Trying to make their marriage more adventurous, Gerald (Bruce Greenwood) and Jessie (Carla Gugino) take a trip to a remote lake house. While there, the two end up wanting to spice up their sex life so they try out a kinky sex game. While in the midst of this game, Gerald ends up unexpectedly dying. This leaves Jessie handcuffed to the bed. With little water and food it isn’t long before she begins hallucinating. With no way to notify someone, she must find a way to escape before her seemingly inevitable death.

5. The Ritual

Because of this movie we are never going hiking anywhere near a forest. Nothing good can ever come from hiking and getting lost in a forest and this movie proves that!

The Ritual Movie Description

Four college buddies decide to reunite after the death of a close friend of theirs. Together they have decided to hike through the Scandinavian wilderness. However, this trip takes a dark turn when the friends go down the wrong path leading them to a strange forest of Norse legend. In this forest, an evil lives that will now terrorize this friend group. No matter where they turn, it will follow, and they are all in extreme danger.

6. The Witch

If a horror movie is set far in the past it is automatically scarier than any of the ones set in the present. Just like babies and dolls automatically make a movie more scary. If you haven’t seen this it’s worth the watch!

The Witch Movie Description

A farm family living in New England during the 1630s now fears the worst when the youngest, Samuel, vanishes into thin air. The family blames Thomasin (Anya Taylor-Joy) the older girl who was watching Samuel when he disappeared. Due to the fear and increasing suspicion in the family, twins Mercy (Ellie Grainger) and Jonas (Lucas Dawson) now accuse Thomasin of witchcraft. What happens next will test just how strong the love the family has for one another is.

7. Apostle

Ending our list of horror movies on Netflix we have one that deals with cults. Its gruesome and terrifying and leaves you unsettled after watching it! If that sounds like something you want then this is worth it.

Apostle Movie Description

After returning home, Prodigal son Thomas Richardson (Dan Stevens) learns that his sister was kidnapped and is being held for ransom by a religious cult. Thomas will stop at nothing to get his sister back. He travels to the island which the cult lives on and infiltrates their community making them believe he’s one of them. The longer he stays the more disturbing things get as he continues to learn increasingly sinister secrets about this cult.

Scene from Apostle for horror movies on Netflix post.
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