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Movies Like Fight Club

We’re about to break the most important Fight Club rule, which is “don’t talk about Fight Club”, by talking about Fight Club. There’s not a lot to say about this movie, other than it’s one of the best movies ever made! This movie took us for one hell of a ride. And just when we thought we had everything figured out, Fight Club walloped us with what felt like a series of disorienting uppercuts. We felt like fools because we really did not understand what the hell was going on. After finishing watching this movie, it left us wanting more like it! And we’re sure you feel the same way.

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And that’s where this extraordinary list of movies comes in. We wanted to find the best and most similar movies to Fight Club. Movies that would leave us in awe by the time the credits rolled. Luckily, we found quite a few and have compiled them on this list for you. Each of the films on this list is bound to leave you with your jaw wide open. They’ll provide you with hours and hours of enthralling entertainment. So just keep on scrolling to see what incredible films we have in store for you this time around.

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1. The Game

Kicking off our list of movies like Fight Club, this is one that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat the entire time! If you haven’t seen The Game, then you are missing out on a ridiculously exceptional, thrilling, and suspenseful movie.

The Game Movie Description

Successful banker Nicholas Van Orton (Michael Douglas) lives a quiet life and mostly keeps to himself. This all changes when his estranged brother Conrad (Sean Penn) comes back to town for Nicholas’s birthday with an odd gift. It’s the choice to take part in a real-life personalized game. At first wary of it, Nicholas eventually accepts it. When the game begins it seems harmless at first. However, it isn’t long before Nicholas fears for his well-being as he runs from agents sent from the game’s organizer. He has no one in his life he can trust and has no money. It is now up to him to uncover the answers to the questions this twisted game provides.

2. Taxi Driver

Here we have another movie which, much like Fight Club, deals with the consequences of insomnia. It shows you just how much a person needs sleep and if they cannot get it, they will inevitably break! If you liked Fight Club, you’ll love this one.

Taxi Driver Movie Description

Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) takes a job as a New York City cabbie. What his passengers don’t know is that he has become deeply disturbed and unstable because of his insomnia. As his insomnia worsens, he quickly becomes more and more separated from reality and begins envisioning himself cleaning up the filth of the city. One day, Travis comes across a gorgeous campaign worker named Betsy (Cybill Shepherd). After meeting her, he then becomes obsessed with wanting to save the world. His first task is to kill a presidential candidate. After that, he will put all his time and effort into saving Iris (Jodie Foster), a 12-year-old prostitute.

3. The Machinist

Yup, another insomnia based movie! This one and Taxi Driver are two of the most similar movies to Fight Club that you can find. They show the craziness that insomnia induces! If you haven’t seen this one, definitely give it a watch.

The Machinist Movie Description

Insomnia has taken a severe toll on factory worker Trevor Reznik’s (Christian Bale) life. Weight loss isn’t his only concern now. He has lost his sanity, leaving his mental health in a steady decline. All of this leads to him accidentally causing a workplace accident that leaves a coworker of his in critical condition. This leaves Trevor even more troubled than before. The last thing keeping him grounded to reality is his relationship with a prostitute named Stevie (Jennifer Jason Leigh). However, even this doesn’t keep him from drowning in his madness for long. To make matters worse, he blames his problems on a mysterious person named Ivan (John Sharian).

4. Shutter Island

If you are looking for mind-bending movies, just leave it up to Leonardo DiCaprio to get your mind spinning at a million miles per second! We can’t say much other than if you haven’t seen Shutter Island you are a fool!

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Shutter Island Movie Description

U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his new partner (Mark Ruffalo) make their way to Ashecliffe Hospital on a remote island after the impossible escape of a clever murderess. She seems to have vanished from a small locked room. To make matters worse, evidence emerges that heinous acts have been committed within the hospital’s walls. It isn’t long before Teddy realizes that everything is not as it seems and that if he wants any chance of making it off the island, he must confront his own darkest fears.

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5. Inception

This is one of the most well know mind-bending movies out there. The entire goal of this movie is to make your brain explode! Just prepare to catch yourself wondering daily whether you are living in reality or a dream.

Inception Movie Description

Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) isn’t a typical thief. He has a special and highly sought skill in which he and a handpicked team can infiltrate people’s dreams to steal their deepest secrets. This lifestyle has cost him everything he has ever loved, including his wife and children. However, when someone offers him a chance at redemption, he can see the light at the end of the tunnel again. He must first pull off a seemingly impossible job. He must plant an idea in someone’s mind. If he can do it, he has a chance at a normal life again, but with an unknown and dangerous enemy predicting Cobb’s every move, this will be more dangerous than anything he’s done before.

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6. Donnie Darko

Well, if there was ever a freaky mind-bending movie, it’s this one right here. This is the type of movie that will leave you searching for explanations online for an entire night! So, if that sounds appealing, give it a watch!

Donnie Darko Movie Description

Donnie Darko (Jake Gyllenhaal), a teen living during the 1988 presidential election, has a strange encounter one seemingly normal night. Donnie sleepwalks out of his house and comes across a giant demonic rabbit-like creature named Frank who tells him the world will end in 28 days. After returning home, he comes to find a jet engine has crashed into his room. This now begs the questions. Does Donnie have a severe mental illness, or will the world really end in 28 days?

7. The Shining

To finish off our list of movies like Fight Club, we have a movie based on a novel from the “King” of creating characters that have mental breakdowns. This one is a classic and a great thrilling horror movie. If, for some reason, you haven’t seen it, change that now!

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The Shining Movie Description

Hoping to fix his writer’s block, writer Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) has become the winter caretaker of the Overlook Hotel. He brings along his wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall), and his son, Danny (Danny Lloyd). Jack’s writing continues to go nowhere, all the while his son begins having increasingly more disturbing visions. The longer they stay at the hotel, the faster Jack continues to lose his mind. After uncovering the hotel’s dark secrets, Jack becomes a homicidal maniac who wants nothing more than to terrorize and hunt down his family.

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