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Scene from A Quiet Place for where was A Quiet Place filmed post.

Where Was A Quiet Place Filmed? Terrifying 2018 Film Locations

Scene from A Quiet Place for where was A Quiet Place filmed post.

Where Was A Quiet Place Filmed?

Who knew that making a movie with so little spoken dialogue could be this damn good?! Not only was this movie well acted but the eerie music coupled with a sense of hopeless isolation and confinement – amplified by both the plot and filming locations – managed to make all those tiny hairs all over our body stand on end. Producers did a phenomenal job drawing the viewer into a shared state of fear with the characters. We were terrified to make even the slightest sound throughout the entire movie.

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If you are here, you must be wondering what locations producers used to film all these deafeningly quiet and desolate scenes. Well, we have done a bit of research and uncovered all of the movie’s filming locations. So, if your question is “Where was A Quiet Place filmed?” then keep on reading! It’s all very interesting because it’s all very interesting!

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A Quiet Place Filming Locations

So let’s get to it! Where was A Quiet Place filmed!? And how on Earth did producers manage to present us such an empty and disturbing state of the world? Well, producers filmed this post-apocalyptic phenomenon in the state of New York, believe it or not! Ya, at first, we didn’t believe it, but it is definitely a fact! Producers ended up filming the entire movie – every single scene – in Upstate New York!

Locations Used In New York

Upstate New York is quite a large area, and we know that you are here to find out the exact locations of this movie’s filming. Well, we can also provide you with that!

We’ll start off with one of the major shooting locations for the movie. The unforgettable farmhouse and surrounding farmland in which the family lives on. Producers used the small village of Pawling for those scenes. Pawling is located on County Rd 20, Pawling, NY 12564, USA.

So, the bridge scene… You know the scene, right? The one where everything goes to shit really fast – that poor little boy. Well, producers used the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail bridge. Just a suggestion, stay as far away from that bridge as possible! If you’ve seen the movie, you know why!

At the beginning of the movie, the family walks through what looks to be a ravaged and empty town. Well, filmmakers filmed those scenes at Main St in Little Falls. The producers did an outstanding job at making this place look as terrifyingly abandoned as it was in the film.

What about the short waterfall scene? Hands down one of the best scenes in the movie! In this scene, the father and his son use the roar of the falls to cover up an epic scream that they let out without fear of the creatures hearing them. Well, producers used a little location called the Buttermilk Falls which are located in Little Falls.

Other than the ones highlighted above, producers did not use any other locations to film this exceptional movie!

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