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Scene in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 easter eggs post.

10 Best Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Easter Eggs

Scene in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 easter eggs post.

Best Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Easter Eggs

The funniest movies added to the Marvel cinematic universe have to be the Guardians of the Galaxy films! These blissfully violent and humorous movies keep you wanting more, and we are glad that there are two films already!

If you are here, you must be looking for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Easter eggs! Well, we’ve got some good news for you because we have gathered 10 of the absolute best Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Easter eggs that you may have missed! Just keep on reading to see which ones you noticed and which ones you didn’t!

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1. New Star-Lord Gear

Who else noticed Star Lord’s little tracker that he uses to warn the team when the space beast is approaching!? To the untrained eye, it may seem like an ordinary piece of random equipment. However, if you look close enough, you’ll notice that it is actually a vintage handheld Mattel Football game that was originally released in the 1970s! An overall very neat and funny Easter egg added in for all you hardcore video game connoisseurs!

2. Stan Lee Cameo

Our favorite man is back! Who doesn’t love a good Stan Lee cameo! In this movie, you’ll notice him sitting among some large, big-headed aliens known as the Watchers. The scene happens when Rocket and Yondu make the jumps through space towards Ego!

This has opened some doors to speculation about Stan Lee’s character. Some believe that he is an informant for the Watchers who takes on different identities in all of his Marvel cameos!

3. Grandmaster Cameo In Credits

A little foreshadowing with the appearance of the party king himself?! The Grandmaster made a quick appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy 2! You can quickly spot him in the credits dancing!

4. Return Of Cosmo The Space Dog

The space dog we all want has made a reappearance! It’s Cosmo the Dog! Just look at the cute doggo making faces back at Rocket! If we could have him, we would take him in seconds! You can see Cosmo in the post-credit scene when he gives the Collector some kisses.

5. Groot In The Credits

One of the coolest credit Easter eggs we’ve ever seen is in this movie! When the credits are rolling, very quickly some of the crew member names begin as “I am Groot” and then change to the actual name of the said person! It’s pretty quick! So if you aren’t paying attention, it’s likely you didn’t catch it!

6. Howard The Duck Returns

The infamous Howard The Duck makes another appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy 2! Many may remember this creature from comic book series named Howard The Duck! Arguments amongst fans have arisen about which of his cameos is better!

7. Empire Strikes Back References

This one is for all you Star Wars fans out there! The asteroid chase scene looks almost exactly like the scene where Han Solo is flying through an asteroid field! This is just a cool little shout out for all the Star Wars fans to appreciate and laugh a bit!

8. Yondu’s Head Fin

In this film, Yondu got the fin that we’ve all been wondering about! That’s right! So instead of the small little ugly looking thing on his head, he’s now outfitted with a statement-making piece of headgear. With this flashy fin, Yondu simply looks absolutely badass just like in the comic books!

9. The Words On Peter’s Shirt

The fact that someone actually took the time to decipher this shirt amazes us! The main graphic on the shirt reads “Gear Shift” in an alien language that actually made an appearance before! During the scene at the interstellar prison facility from the first film, a keyboard with the alien lettering is shown, and a Reddit user used it to figure out what the shirt read!

10. Galaga Reference

The film seems to have a Galaga reference as well! When the Soverigns begin to chase Star-Lord and team in their ships, the whole scene feels as though producers took it straight out of Galaga! This is definitely an appreciated Easter egg for fans of classic arcade games!

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