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Where Was The Magnificent Seven Filmed?

The Magnificent Seven, originally released in 1960, had a remake in 2016! And we have to say, we absolutely loved it! It was terrific and full of that old western country violence that we all love! If you’re here, you must be wondering where producers shot this film to give us such an amazing western experience! Well, if you keep on reading, you’ll quickly learn exactly where the production took place! So please, enjoy!

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The Magnificent Seven Filming Locations

Producers used a few different locations for the production of The Magnificent Seven. The primary location chosen was Louisiana. There were also a few other minor shooting locations in New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado.

Locations Used In Louisiana

Film-makers chose Louisiana for the incredible scenery that provides the viewer with a sense of living in the old western days. The main set for the movie was located in Louisiana, and most of the film’s production took place there. Some of the locations used in this state were Nottoway Plantation, White Castle where producers shot the bottom half of the matte shots. We then have Jackson where the main set is located. The last location used in Louisiana was Baton Rouge which also took a pretty significant role in the film.

Locations Used In New Mexico

Filmmakers also used Santa Fe Studios in New Mexico during the production of the film. Some of the filming locations in New Mexico included Galisteo, Valla Caldera, and Abiquiu.

Locations Used In Arizona

Locations that made it into the film that are located in Arizona are the San Francisco Peaks and Coconino National Forrest! That’s it! Overall, Arizona really wasn’t a huge part of the film’s production!

Locations Used In Colorado

Only one location in Colorado made it into the film. Miller Mesa, Ridgeway made it as the opening vista in the movie! That’s all there is to say about the production that took place here!

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